Will Brock Purdy’s 49ers beat Tom Brady’s Bucs? miami dolphins tom brady

Will Brock Purdy’s 49ers beat Tom Brady’s Bucs? #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Preview and predictions: https://theathletic.com/3984236/2022/12/09/49ers-buccaneers-brock-purdy-tom-brady/

Will Brock Purdy’s 49ers beat Tom Brady’s Bucs?

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  1. 49ers 40-13, it really isn’t much of a matchup no matter how much they keep hyping the Bucs who are an average team at best.

  2. I read a yahoo article talking about Purdy growing up a Dan Marino fan. That’s why he wears 13…
    Then Marino was there vs Phins..
    Next up is Brady

  3. 49ers certainly have the weapons to produce a win. But are the 49ers over confident and falling into the crafty cagy trap Tom Brady has set up for them. Thats where Bosa is the Master class in Zen to shut Brady down. Going to be a great game no matter who wins!.

  4. One thing going for us in this upcoming Bucs game is that it’s now been reported and broadly seen how the Buc’s big comeback against the Saints last Sunday was helped CONSTANTLY by extremely poor refereeing, with MANY BLATANT holds not called, particularly by LT Donovan Smith (76). I mean it was really outrageous and just astonishing what they let him get away with over and over – complete bear hugs, etc., even on the winning TD play. For sure Kyle and many others in the league were very aware and have complained and demanded better performance by the refs. So I expect that we’ll actually get some holding calls for a change when Bosa is held, or Ebukam or Omenihu.

  5. This is a Tom Brady game and just like any Tom Brady game we’ve ever played in the past the key is to rack up points early since Brady can always explode in the 4th quarter (maybe even against the #1 defense). He’s done it so many times that you just have to assume it’s going to happen – hence, you gotta dominate the scoreboard early.
    Purdy and the O-line pass pro will have to step things up big time in this game. Purdy looked good last week but in reality only got 2 TD’s out of 10 drives against the #22 pass defense. As David noted, well below Jimmy’s efficiency. That ain’t gonna cut it as we begin to play teams with decent defenses. We now go up against the #8 passing defense (some stats show them as #7 passing defense; they’re also #5 in overall points allowed, #8 in total yards allowed). That’s quite a jump from last week against the Dolphins. It is going up against the top defenses that we will miss Jimmy and his high efficiency. Our top defense holding opposing teams scoring low is only beneficial if their top defense doesn’t do the same.

  6. Brock Purdy has been playing quarterback for 7 years? 3 in high school/ 4 years as starting quarterback at Iowa State.
    He’s not your average rookie, if you did something for 7 years would you be a rookie at it?
    I’m the only on on YouTube that points out this about Brock Purdy, I guess I should start my own YouTube channel.
    Some of you guys are totally clueless, look him up on Wikipedia.

  7. The availability of Nick Bosa & his effectiveness on the hamstring will have as much an influence on the game as Brock Purdy.
    Tom Brady is looking at an injured starting Right Tackle who if he plays will be playing injured. Tampa offensive line is poor & will force Brady to play as Stafford of the Rams did by unloading a vast majority of quick passes & dunks.
    20 points will win this game.

  8. Niners defense can be beat with the quick pass, and I think Brady can do that. Also Bucs defense is a lot better than Miami’s D, so our rookie QB is really going to be tested with crazy looks/blitzes.

  9. If our offense is stagnant we will lose. If we can score points this will be a blowout. You can’t keep the goat in the game


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