Why 49er Fans Are DONE With The Trey Lance Project 😥 miami dolphins tom brady

Why 49er Fans Are DONE With The Trey Lance Project 😥 #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Jessie Talks About Why San Francisco 49er Fans Seem To Be Out On Trey Lance. Tom Brady, Justin Fields and The Miami Dolphins All Factor In.

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“Why 49er Fans Are DONE With The Trey Lance Project 😥 miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. So here’s the deal, too often fans with limited knowledge of the game look down on athletic quarterbacks. Trey has the chance to be just as good as Josh Allen. Josh was not very good his first two years but he was given time to develop and I believe that Trey should be given the benefit of the doubt that he can become a great quarterback with his skill set throwing outside the numbers an delivering the deep ball as well. He just needs game time reps. In my mind he has more to offer skill wise than what we currently have Shannahan just needs to stop with all the power runs and get him outside on the edge to protect their investment. ALL IN ON TREY.

  2. You never draft QB 1st round u big dummy it’s rare for them to succeed do some research lance sucks 9ers got screwed on that deal

  3. Supporter here. I’m not happy with how Shanahan played him. Perhaps that was on the offensive line play. Maybe they didn’t know what they had yet on the pass block and thought they had to go run to compensate. If Shanahan can trust his QB then he should open up and put in some good work.

  4. Not really sure what people you are talking about that are souring on Lance but those 3 reasons are not compelling to me. I still don’t understand what people see in Tray Lance but I believe that the 49ers already make the investment in him and he deserves a chance. It’s just hard for me to believe that a guy that has shown basically no improvement at all in 2 training camps, 2 pre seasons and a entire season taking reps as a back up to become the guy. I’m not saying that he should be great right now, but he definitely should have shown some improvement by now. I see none. We will find out next season I guess.

  5. All in on Trey Lance, Shanny should have played him last year and has set him up to fail. Lance is good enough to overcome this though. We need more games like the Texans last yeas and not Arizona or Chicago game plans, Trust him or move him !!!!!!!!

  6. All in on Trey…..just wished Kyle gave him more reps in garbage time last season and use him proper instead of running him up the middle…. basically we lost 2 years of development for Trey…

  7. Like the Jimmy bashers.. it’s insane to blame the guy for all of the woes on this team the same can be said if you’ve given up on Trey Lance. It’s been 4 games?? Cmon now

  8. When that draft happened, my first thought was the niners were going for Justin Fields. But I am still interested in seeing Trey Lance provide doubters wrong and handle business.

  9. Look, I’m not panicking. I never had any expectations. This guy played ONE year of college against glorified high schoolers then took a year off. Then got another year off to learn from the pros. In all the games we’ve seen if in (in between that time span) he has shown ZERO promise. Shanahan has shown little trust in him for this reason.
    The guy is extremely inaccurate when throwing anything short or intermediate. He also gets hurt every other time he gets hit. On top of all that, he is missing yet another season of playing time. All together this guy won’t have played football in FOUR years by the time he’s able to play football again.
    Jimmy may not be a goat, but he saved our asses. We may have lost those two firsts (just counting the ones that we couldn’t make a selection with) but we are winning regardless. He’s a bust. A gamble we lost on.

  10. So the guy play 4 games and he’s a bust .. in the meantime Jimmy “mediocre “g and his cult , no matter how fuck up he play they still love him …

  11. Like everything in life, there’s Pro’s and Con’s, but let’s go down the rabbit hole and see what we find.

    I’m still firmly behind Trey as the future 49ers QB1, but realistically, I think the 49ers could have Brady without giving up on Trey.

    Brady’s playing on the last year of his contract and I’d imagine he’d be open to taking a hometown discount to play for his childhood team.

    Trey would be on year 3 of a possible 5 year contract, so there’s no need to deal or quit on Lance next season “if” Brady comes to the Bay Area. Rodger’s didn’t start until year 4 and Jimmy G didn’t start until November of year 4 when he was on his second team, so it’s not unheard of for a rookie QB to sit longer than normal before becoming a long-term starter. What would make Trey be okay with backing up Brady for a year? Perhaps one condition of a 1 – year Brady deal would be that he has to mentor Trey. I know Brady hasn’t worked well at mentoring QB’s in the past, but there’s two reasons he could agree to it, [1] He finishes his historic career playing for his childhood team and [2] while he will be 46 by next season, this would be the most stacked roster he’s had since his 2007 undefeated regular season.

    I don’t think John or Kyle would make any move without having Trey in the loop and he’d have to know it’s a short-term, one year deal and that he is still the future of the franchise, which would be mentored by the best to ever do it.


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