Who Are the BEST Analysts in the UFC? UFC 279

Who Are the BEST Analysts in the UFC? #ufc279 UFC 279

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This is a video I put together compiling every large MMA “Analyst” picks for the main event of each pay-per-view of 2022. UFC 279 Diaz vs Ferguson was excluded due to how short notice the main event was put together. The goal of this video is to put into perspective who is making good picks and who is making bad picks and hopefully allow the audience to make better judgement calls on agreeing with the personality they listen to.

The odds used in the second portion of the video are the median odds for the winning fighter at the time of close taken from best fight odds.

#mma #ufc

0:00:00 intro
0:00:21 UFC 270 Picks
0:01:45 UFC 271 Picks
0:02:44 UFC 272 Picks
0:04:18 UFC 273 Picks
0:05:34 UFC 274 Picks
0:07:41 UFC 275 Picks
0:08:41 UFC 276 Picks
0:09:39 UFC 277 Picks
0:10:46 UFC 278 Picks
0:12:32 UFC 280 Picks
0:14:01 UFC 281 Picks
0:15:20 UFC 282 Picks
0:16:47 Conclusion
0:20:20 Bloopers

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