What Does RDV Mean in Finance?

Did you know that RDV stands for Rendez-Vous? Did you know that it is a part of the largest database of acronyms? If not, you can use the image above to see what RDV means in English. The image can be printed or shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. This article will teach you how to pronounce RDV correctly and understand its meaning. You can also download this image and use it in your correspondence.


RDV stands for Rendez-Vous. Read on to learn more about this acronym and other words that have similar meanings. You can download a free dictionary, print out a definition in English, or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. This article explains the meaning of RDV. The definition of Rendez-Vous is part of the dictionary. You can also use this definition to learn the origin of an acronym.

In French, the term “Rendez-Vous” refers to a series of orbital maneuvers by which two spacecraft arrive in the same orbit and approach very close to one another. This event is a unique opportunity for the renewables community to network and discusses their shared interests. Several speakers were invited to give comments, including Ali Zerouali, Director Of Cooperation and International Development at Masen, and Joel Nana, Senior Project Coordinator at Sustainable Energy Africa.

What Does RDV Mean in Finance?
What Does RDV Mean in Finance?

Financial services

RDV Financial Services is located at Erasmussingel 10A in Rotterdam. The company was founded in 1991. Tammy Smith is part of the accounting team of the Finance Department. She holds a Non-Manager management position. She is currently based in the United States. To contact RDV Financial Services, visit their website. It is not immediately clear if RDV Financial Services is a good choice to work for.


RDV, or Rendez-Vous, is a term that is related to a variety of topics, including automobiles, insurance, finance, and mobile phones. In the world of business, RDV is also commonly used to refer to health, education, and school. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, you’ll find the acronym useful. Learn how to use RDV in business and finance today.

The four-letter abbreviation is often associated with a comprehensive annual financial report. The GFOA, a professional association representing 20,000 members worldwide, has recommended that the term be replaced with “CMA.” However, this four-letter acronym sounds like a derogatory term in other parts of the world. In fact, it has roots in South Africa’s Apartheid era, where the acronym was used as a racial slur against Black South Africans.

What Does RDV Mean in Finance?
What Does RDV Mean in Finance?

Slang term

If you have been studying the world of business, you may have come across the acronym RDV. It is used in the Business industry and ASX Symbols, among other things. There are also 8 different definitions for this acronym. These definitions vary depending on context and category. Here’s a breakdown of what RDV means in different situations. The following are some common examples of RDV usage in finance.

First of all, what is Rendez-Vous? It’s a French term that means “to meet,” or “to proceed to.” Although it usually refers to a meeting, it can also mean a one-on-one meeting. The French version is always hyphenated. As a result, the word “rendez-vous” has more than one meaning. If you’re not familiar with this French term, use our English-language glossary to learn more about it.

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