UFC 280: Ceremonial Weigh-Ins UFC 279

UFC 280: Ceremonial Weigh-Ins #ufc279 UFC 279

#ufc279 #ufcvegas60 #mma

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Check out the UFC 280 ceremonial weigh-ins.

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“UFC 280: Ceremonial Weigh-Ins UFC 279” üzerine 18 yorum

  1. Khabib knows Charles is with full confidence. Khabib is responsible for the Makhachev result and he look nervous. Whatever it is, Charles is the winner🔥

  2. The energy between Olivera an Islam was like watching a classic dbz episode this week. Someone’s going super sayjin fight night.

  3. “The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors.” –Napoleon Hill

  4. If Islam win….i hope haters do not speak up khabib vs charles vs tony vs chandler vs anyone else, because Islam will do the job for rest of division

  5. My Prediction ✌🏻😁:
    1. Makhacev Win By Submission or GNP
    2. Sterling Win By TKO
    3. Peter Yan Win By TKO
    4. Dariush Win By Decision
    5. Belal Win By Decision
    Insyaa Allah… 😘🙏

  6. what a fight card i cant waittt have it booked on bt sport tmorrow and i have been counting down the days since last week buzzing .. mean while in boxing we have fury against derek chisora who fury already beat twice in dominant fashion pointless and another reason why ufc is number 1 all the best fight the best .. fair play too dana always makes big fights for the fans love ittt lets goooooooo .

  7. Sterling looking like a 5 ft 7 TRT version of Jones with even more extra sauce! Blessed genetics if natural! That 8 pack is sick!


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