UFC 280 Aftermath LIVE with Dan Hardy UFC 279

UFC 280 Aftermath LIVE with Dan Hardy #ufc279 UFC 279

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Join Dan Hardy Live for reaction and breakdowns of the stand out fights and moments from UFC 280. Time codes down bellow to everything covered!

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Aftermath 280
3:16 – Lansberg and the illegal knee
6:20 – Sean O’Malley v Petr Yan – scoring
11:15 – Muhammad Mokaev
16:25 – Nikita Krylov v Volkan Oezdemir
17:30 – Belal Muhammad v Sean Brady
19:30 – Beneil Dariush v Mateusz Gamrot
21:23 – Who next for Dariush?
27:00 – Sean O’Malley v Petr Yan – stats and scores
36:30 – Who next for Suga? (I don’t know why I forgot about Sandhagen v Yan)
41:00 – TJ Dillashaw v Aljamain Sterling
49:00 – Islam Makhachev v Charles Oliveira
56:19 – Charles weight-cutting
1:00:51 – Charles v Islam in the future – who dominates at 155lbs
1:03:29 – How did Beneil our-scramble Gamrot?
1:05:01 – Addressing Dana White’s press conference nonsense
1:09:04 – Stop The Fight!
1:11:54 – #FakeNews
1:17:50 – Holloway v Kattar concern video
1:20:12 – Dana doesn’t give a f**k
1:21:07 – I’m bitter…
1:23:30 – Getting fired – the timeline
1:25:30 – UFC broke the news on International Women’s Day
1:31:00 – Message to Icky
1:31:48 – Out to dinner with UFC staff
1:37:00 – “If you have enough thorns in your side, eventually you will bleed out.”
1:38:18 – Homosexuality in the UFC
1:39:07 – “Do your front teeth come out?” – Mickey Rourke
1:40:40 – Howler Head v Outlaw Rum, and the Melt Boys
1:41:22 – Would you change if you had Dana White money?
1:43:23 – New YouTube memberships coming soon (Uncensorships 😉🏴‍☠️)
1:46:30 – DMT – Dimethyltryptamine
1:49:04 – Khabib & Chimaev’s peace video
1:51:13 – Question about Dana’s comments
1:52:30 – Will there ever be a promotion with integrity?
1:56:00 – Why do some fighters not prepare for the a climatization process?

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  1. No i dont think he rules should necessarily change, they do need to be clarified more though. The reason is because i believe 99% of the viewers having looked at the judging criteria until now, especially since the judging criteria changes some years back. People dont realise that takedowns not leading to a successful attack dont count for anything.
    if 90% of people were informed of this, and were made to rewatch the fight knowing that, i bet big money the majority would also rescore it in favour of O malley

  2. 100% agree with this. Ive watched it back since learning that takedowns dont even count if they dont lead to an effective attack, its not the change of position but what results from it that counts. So considering that, some of yans takedowns didnt count for anything according to the current judging rules.
    Also, if i read it correctly, ”ring control’ should only be considered last , and when the striking stats are equal, according to the rules.

  3. Full reptile your one of my favourite channels. You deserve some universal credit .Keep growing and evolving.Simply put passionate expert analyses with individual flair & deep insight of the game ,in all its mental and technical aspects ….respect !

  4. I really hope you don’t refuse to engage with ufc fuckery going forward. There are so very few people who will cut through the veil of bullshit and without that, I know I’d have a hard time enjoying it as much. Loving the uncensored vibe though!!

  5. Your girl is one of the hottest women in the world obviously u no how to treat a woman lol. You the man Dan they lost literally there best commentator n analysts. There loss

  6. Im late to the game but I’ve come to thoroughly appreciate yr War Rooms n stuff w V. but then there was this mysterious whiff following you around about yr firing fr the UFC..it didn’t seem to jive w yr personality but many ppl put up a good front..so I have to thank you for being so open n real..ironic that you were so backhandedly me too’d when you are clearly offended by sexism on any level..please keep on telling it like it is

  7. I was hoping O’Malley would win, assumed the decision would go to Yan (part because #1 contender – same logic as champions vs contender: Sean failed to really take it)

    Was very happy with the fight and called it “just about the best possible outcome, outside of the greedy hope he’d win”

    The decision didn’t sit right with me until I went through the fight mentally. It’s a nightmare to score – in a FIGHT I wouldn’t consider a takedown with no real follow-up to be equivalent to a strike. A fight wouldn’t end after a neat 15 minutes before that control translates into an advantage even if you didn’t accomplish anything with it (as they get assimetrically tired).

    In an athletic contest that changes. A real discussion about rules would be necessary, but its not in the UFCs best interest to be able to decide the best. As a matter of fact, the muddier “the best” is, as a concept, the more narrative room there is to make fights

  8. The fact that you only have 170k subscribers is criminal. You are the best in the game at breaking down fights and the picks podcast with you and Veronica is so fun. V is gorgeous, hugely because of her personality. Keep it up brotha


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