UFC 279: When The UFC Was Turned Upside Down. UFC 279

UFC 279: When The UFC Was Turned Upside Down. #ufc279 UFC 279

#ufc279 #ufcvegas60 #mma

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UFC 279 was one of the most chaotic events in UFC history. In this video I try to go over the key moments that made it such a strange few days to witness as an MMA fan.

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  1. Beige is the only channel where I don’t watch the video at like twice the speed. When the intro music kicks in, you just know it’s going to be an amazing video! Don’t apologise Beige, just happy to get a video!

  2. Khamzat wanted no part of Paulo. He won’t fight people he can’t rag doll. Other than Paulo, he should start fearing the scale from here on.

  3. Oh hell yeah, Beige…I can’t click on your MMA content fast enough. Yourself, MixedMollyWhoppery and Anatomy of a Fighter are the best MMA content to be found on YouTube.

    I’ve been with you from the posting of your O&A content and couldn’t be happier to see the incredible progress your channel has made as you’ve transitioned in to the MMA world.

    Really looking forward to diving in to this one…this event was quite a spectacle, that’s for sure.

  4. The idea that Dana planned for this to happen is ridiculously comical. Dana would never want to be in a position where Nate Diaz has all the power over him on top of having to pay him triple what he wanted. They wanted to feed Nate’s last fight to Khamzat, and the scale made the UFC give us the fight we always wanted.

  5. Im extremely happy to see you upload again. Your presence in the space of MMA and life talk in general is very welcomed


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