Tua vs Herbert, 49ers Break Brady & All-In Or Fold | What’s Wright? miami dolphins tom brady

Tua vs Herbert, 49ers Break Brady & All-In Or Fold | What’s Wright? #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Tua vs Herbert, 49ers Break Brady & All-In Or Fold

On today’s episode, Nick recaps the Miami Dolphins vs Los Angeles Chargers game, discusses the scare the Kansas City Chiefs gave him, and decides if it’s time for Tom Brady to start that broadcasting job after Brock Purdy and the 49ers blew out the Buccaneers. Then, Nick recaps the World Cup quarterfinals and previews the upcoming semifinals. Later, It’s time to go All-In or Fold on Baker Mayfield, the Dallas Cowboys and Jaguars betting bans. Lastly, Nick wraps the show with some questions from the audience.

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About What’s Wright? With Nick Wright:
Hosted by sports personality and star of FS1’s “First Things First,” What’s Wright? With Nick Wright will see Nick dish his hot takes on the biggest topics in the world of sports, while sharing the behind-the-scenes of his family life. He’ll play games, make lists, and most importantly, he’ll tell you what’s Wright.

Tua vs Herbert, 49ers Break Brady & All-In Or Fold | What’s Wright?

What’s Wright? with Nick Wright

“Tua vs Herbert, 49ers Break Brady & All-In Or Fold | What’s Wright? miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. the part I find amusing is when nick mentioned the stats he just avoids hurts rushing numbers. mahomes does have slightly more combined total touchdowns but its close. for me its the turnovers that give jalen the edge

  2. Hurts is 100% a top 2 candidate at mvp. Especially if he finishes off the years and the eagles go 16-1 or even 15-2. There division are still all over 500 this far into the season.

    Hurts stats- 3,843 total yards, 32 total tds,3 interceptions ,68% completions, 108.4 QBR. Team is 12-1.

    Mahomes stats- 4,360 total yards, 35 total tds, 11 interceptions, 65.8 completions, 103.4 QBR. Team is 10-3.

    Both stats are mvp caliber but in all honesty hurts is more impressive.

  3. Nick, Argentina only won once with Maradona. The first time (1978) they did not have him (coach decided not to take him, a controversial decision at the time).

  4. The issue with him talking about the chiefs is acting like beating the Bucs is an accomplishment. They lost to bills and bengals… those are the teams you have to beat

  5. I want the Eagles to win the Superbowl at this point not just because I’m a fan but the bigger reason would be to watch Nick Wright spin his stringy hair in a whirlwind trying to give the Eagles the credit they are due while simultaneously insulting them as much as he can, which seems to be his wont

  6. Buffalo wins out KC goes to Buffalo in January, Mahomes gets to work on a new commercial the next day.and spend some quality time with his kids.

  7. “YouTube subscribers have slowed a bit”… Stop talking politics man. Stop talking politics and race and people might stop unsubscribing. Stick to sports only. That was your bread and butter before.

  8. 50:18 framing the bills getting lucky against the jets yesterday is so stupid. Divison games are tough, and the jets are a top 5 defense in the league, and I love Nick trying to prove he is right because Josh isnt winning Pro Bowl votes. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE PRO BOWL!

  9. So QB wins don’t matter.. Unless it’s Mahomes against division opponents.
    And multiple INTs in a win don’t matter either.. Unless it’s Josh Allen 😂

  10. I really don’t understand it, Hurts isn’t the mvp, not yet. Mahomes is by far the only person up for MVP. now if Mahomes falls off bad then okay but it hasn’t happened yet

  11. I hate being the Mahomes hater cause he’s not just great but he’s a good likable kid, and I believe he’s EASILY the MVP this year and CLEARLY better than Hertz, Tua as well.. but I’ll bet Nick money, I mean that too, that I can find at least a half dozen QB’s making that pass, maybe of Brett Farve alone.. every time Mahomes does anything, even a pass quite literally I could make like the under hand one, it’s blown up like the greatest throw we’ve ever seen…

  12. He hates Josh Allen/Bo;;s so much, but JA and PM are the same caliber QB….they both are great, but when they lose focus and get in their own heads, they make stupid decisions. PM just has a better OL which gives him more time to scan for open receivers where JA has to rush more.

  13. Come on nick I remember u saying the chiefs needed to trade away veterans to get rookies like karlaftits more reps. Why u making excuses like “chiefs have 5 rookies on defense” now

  14. He was going on the other day about all the interceptions Allen has but didn’t mention Mahomes has the same number now 😂, Hurts mvp as it stands Nick likes to leave out his running tds and the fact he has 8 ints less than Mahomes


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