Tua Tagovailoa Clears The Concussion Protocol…So What’s Next? miami dolphins tom brady

Tua Tagovailoa Clears The Concussion Protocol…So What’s Next? #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Tua Tagovailoa Clears The Concussion Protocol…So What’s Next?

#TuaTagovailoa #TuaTagovailoaConcussion #MiamiDolphins

Well albeit 38 days later, Tua Tagovailoa has cleared the NFL concussion protocol.

Just last Friday, a report emerged that Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa still had not cleared the league’s concussion protocol and would therefore have to sit out the flag football Pro Bowl games.

But now on Wednesday, he’s all of a sudden cleared from the protocol.

Y’all know I wanted Tom Brady to come in and run the ship for Miami.

But, it’s not going to happen. So we’ll have to hope and pray Tua can figure out a way to stay on the field and Miami needs to bring in a great backup.

Everytime Tua is tackled, we’re all going to take gasping breaths.

But as the saying goes, ya gotta dance with the one who brought ya…so here we are.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that Tua cleared the protocol, adding that he met with several medical professionals who are confident that he will be 100% “when the time comes for football.”

The definition of that time for “football” is somewhat hazy, but it hopefully means April 17, when the Dolphins are scheduled to begin their offseason workout program.

Tua has been in the concussion protocol since Christmas since sustaining a concussion in against the Green Bay Packers.

The Dolphins were left to start Teddy Bridgewater, then Skylar Thompson under center for the rest of the season, including the wild-card playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The long timeline in the protocol was reported last Friday to be a deliberate effort to meet with multiple doctors and specialists while prioritizing his long-term health.

While it’s concerning that it took a full 38 days for him to even get out of the concussion protocol, here we are.

Tua coming out of a fog, and no real back-up in sight.

Surely the Dolphins aren’t going to go into 2023 in this manner.

The Dolphins have maintained that Tagovailoa is the team’s starting quarterback for 2023.

Tua also got a new agent…which was also announced today.

You have to wonder now what the Dolphins are going to do about Tua’s 5th year option.

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“Tua Tagovailoa Clears The Concussion Protocol…So What’s Next? miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. I don’t like the new digs. Looks like a lawyers office. So we have Fangio. Tua will be franchised for a year. There’s financial and then there’s poor treatment. Tua has been mistreated since we were lucky enough to get him. Ross owes the kid! He owes him a top notch line for starters and not a good left side and center. Well,no conspiracy to talk about

  2. Had I feeling Brady wasn’t coming to Miami a week ago!! Like I said tua needs to protect himself from falls and tackles!! I noticed and mentioned Before that all of his concussion falls, he Never curls up!! His arms are always down on his side!! I’m hoping they see this on film of his previous games!! Someone needs to teach him that if he continues to play the same way, that he will have a short career in the NFL!! when in trouble throw it away and curl up!! Live to play another down!! I believe stetson Bennett from Georgia would make a good QB2 he had that experience being a 5th year senior at Georgia, he had to fight hard!! he’s very confident!! He’s hungry!! has good vision in the pocket and throw ropes!! And also run when needed!! Skylar not there yet, still learning, it slow going but he is good right where he is QB3!! He might be useful down the road. We’ll see!!?

  3. Asking for Tom MF Brady of all dudes to come win a SB for us is YELLOW as a Dolphin fan Tua aside. Let alone youre interchanging backup and tom brady and tom brady isnt a backup anywhere so youre secretly advocating for Tua to be replaced because he has work to do as a professional (learning to fall on his right shoulder OH GOD NO NOT THAT!) while also being the best QB in a Mia jersey since 13. Tua has a 4th year to maintain the offensive potency AND stay healthy then hell get paid or not and we can be done with this BS. Miami Needs to invest in the D with Fangio and the OL so tua doesnt have to shoulder the entire offense for 17 games whether the matchups favor it or not. Dudes had 1 legit year under a capable staff and is already chipping at Marinos franchise records, give the kid a F***** chance ffs!

  4. You probably get your wish Barry I’m sure Tua will get hurt at some point next season and then Brady will come out of retirement and take over the ship for the rest of the season. Don’t worry you’ll get your wish Barry.

  5. You were turning your back on Tua, imagine if someone told you after your third year in a career that you should sit on the bench and watch and learn from someone else. That’s called hindering someone’s growth sir. That’s all that would’ve done.

  6. My prediction for season 2023 for the Dolphins 9-8 Tua is way to injury proned this man will have another concussion by mid season next year I’m not purchasing dolphins tickets this upcoming season I’m not spending my hard earned money on mediocre season outcomes

  7. Love the new studio. I couldn’t agree more that we need a solid and accomplished back up for Tua. Now Fangio needs to sign. Phins up ??

  8. So much for Brady to Miami- would have been good, but we will be fine with Tua and a QUALITY backup. Best to You TB12

  9. I love me some Tua but the reality is that he hasn’t completed a season in 5yrs. Numerous injuries. A couple of ankle injuries. The finger. The hip. The ribs. Concussions. We definitely need a backup that hold us down in case #1 goes down. AGAIN!

  10. The studio! for my taste it looks Great!!! as far as Tua is concern . it’s only Tua Time until a regular season game starts and he is the starter. then no more Tua Time
    He’ll Never play a full Season!

  11. Next season will definitely be the continuation of Tua Time aka the no 17 games ever appearance marathon ?? ??⛑️??‍?????


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