Tom Brady: Top 5 Reasons To Sign With The Miami Dolphins miami dolphins tom brady

Tom Brady: Top 5 Reasons To Sign With The Miami Dolphins #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Tom Brady: Top 5 Reasons To Sign With The Miami Dolphins

#tombrady #miamidolphins #tombrady
The media’s hot story is what is Tom Brady’s next move.

They’re even following his ex-wife around. They’re even combing the pages of some Instagram model for clues.

Yes, Tom Brady’s next move has football fans talking about what he’s going to do.

Today I’ll be discussing the 5 reasons why Tom Brady should play for the Miami Dolphins.

As we all know, it appeared that Tom Brady recently said goodbye to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after their wild card playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is what’s next for the legendary quarterback?

Will he retire?

Move to the Fox broadcasting booth?

Or will he entertain offers from other NFL teams looking to acquire his services?

One team that should definitely be at the top of his list if he wants to continue playing is the Miami Dolphins.

Despite many in the insane clown posse wing of the Dolphins fan base voicing their displeasure, the Miami Dolphins must take some big action now.

While Tom Brady will be 46 years old when training camp opens in the summer, Tua Tagovailoa can’t stay on the field.

Oh…and before the nuts come calling…let me run my disclaimer.

That being said, here are the top 5 reasons why Tom Brady should consider playing for the Miami Dolphins:

Number 5: The Challenge!

The Dolphins have a strong, young team with a lot of potential.

This team was assembled to win NOW.

There’s not a chance that the Dolphins can be in this situation next year.

There is an expiration date on this team and head coach Mike McDaniel.

If next season were to end like this one, both Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel would be looking for new jobs.

With Tom Brady at the helm, the Dolphins would have a quarterback who has the experience and leadership to take the team to the next level.
The Dolphins don’t have that right now.

Number 4: It’s South Florida! There’s no denying that we live in paradise.

Tom Brady can actually come home.

Yes, I said HOME.

Did you know Tom Brady is right now building his forever home right here in Miami

Tom Brady is right now building a mega mansion in Miami
Check this out.

Not a lot of people know, but Tom Brady has a $18million dollar, 17,000 sq. ft Miami mansion currently under construction

The mega mansion is located on Indian Creek Island, ‘the world’s most exclusive municipality’ with just 34 properties available across 300 acres – all of which have waterfront views of Biscayne Bay, near Miami, Florida.

The island is called the Billionaire’s Bunker.

It has its own helipad and golf course.

And what’s really interesting is that Gisele’s new mansion is directly across the Bay from Tom’s

A 2 minute boat ride away

Right now you’re probably wondering how the fans will react.

The Miami Dolphins have a passionate fan base.
While many are complaining about Brady coming to Miami…they will IMMEDIATELY change their mind if the Dolphins can grab a Super Bowl championship.

Playing in front of a packed stadium in one of the most exciting cities in the world would be a great way for Tom Brady to end his career.

Number 3 Playing in Miami makes financial sense.
None of us knows today where the legal mess of the FTX scandal will lead. It could get very messy for both Tom and Gisele.

But shielding money in South Florida makes complete financial sense.

Florida has no state income tax and has a very comfort-inducing homesteading law that can help greatly in shielding one’s assets from lawsuits.

In addition, if he wants to move into ownership, we already know that Stephen Ross is open to it.

I haven’t heard any other team talking about ownership for Tom Brady.

Number 2 It makes sense for the Miami Dolphins. After all, this has to be a mutually beneficial fit.
His presence would help both Tua Tagovailoa and Skylar Thompson

It’s one thing to have Dan Marino as an advisor. It’s another to be playing side-by-side the greatest quarterback of all time and being with him every single day.

Brady has shown to be a player magnet as well. The Dolphins roster needs help. The coaching staff is in disarray.

A player like Tom Brady brings a certain prescence to the team that is lacking right now.

Is Tom Brady a long term answer? Of course not, but a year of insurance for Tua and development for Skylar could set the Dolphins up for the future.

Number 1 And the number 1 reason Brady should come to Miami is to play his most important role…Dad.
Tom Brady’s ex-wife and his kids live in Miami

When he and Gisele got divorced, Brady posted this statement on Instagram.

Is Tom Brady ready to settle down and be Dad?

IF so, Miami obviously makes the most sense for him now

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“Tom Brady: Top 5 Reasons To Sign With The Miami Dolphins miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Yes, I believe Tua is elite…when healthy! Yes, I believe Tua is elite…when healthy! Yes, I believe Tua is elite…when healthy! But the Dolphins need insurance when he’s not.
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bringing in someone to push Tua. It will only make he and Skylar better. IF Brady comes to Miami, he comes in knowing he has to beat out Tua. That’s a great idea IMO. Nothing given in this league!

  2. Hard no thank you on Brady. Lot’s of other options that I would prefer. I would throw up in my mouth a little bit if Brady ever put on a Dolphins uniform. Hand him a microphone and a nice blazer and tie.

  3. If he were to come here as our back up QB I’m all in! But not as the starter! Did you see him this year?

  4. R u still talking about Brady???! Wtf? It’s over man – we don’t need an over the hill cheat! This is why I unsubscribed u.

  5. No.
    Tom Brady is and always will be the enemy.
    He was the New England Patriots and a thorn in the side of Miami.
    To embrace Tom as a Dolphin is to just not care about who or what the Dolphins are.
    If it could benefit the Dolphins to change their name should they do it? Or perhaps move to a new city?

    No. Some things are simply unchangeable. And bringing in someone who is arguably their greatest nemesis of all time is wrong. If we can’t win without Brady so be it. But bring in Brady is just mercenary.

    People despised this man’s name. And now he’s to be welcome as the hometown hero?

    I wouldn’t watch a game that season or any other season with Brady at the helm.

  6. any fan who believes we wouldn’t benefit from having the GOAT (which he is) under center with the weapons we have at WR, is lost in their delusion from hating him when he played for NE. I’d love to have him play here.

  7. Brady had the right idea last year when he retired. Like so many greats, he just doesn’t want to leave “the life” behind. Being part of a team and having a purpose is hard to walk away from. However, he is now a shadow of himself and would be well served to walk away on top.

  8. The only way I think this works, in my opinion. Is if they bring in Brady and also sign Tua to a cheaper 4 year extension. So that Tua is guaranteed to be with us after he learns under Brady. The issue is that if Tua leaves and Brady does or doesn’t get us a ring. Then we go back to not having a good QB for another 20 years. That’s something I don’t want to have to go through. If getting Brady means that Tua leaves, then we shouldn’t get Brady. That’s just my thoughts and opinions.

  9. Good video Barry, hoping he comes to Miami too. And what you say about Tua makes sense. Miami is in win now mode, can’t afford to see the same Pattern of Tua has shown, to happen again next year.

  10. I gotta bounce for awhile after this one. It’s been downhill since the whole Tua isn’t a leader take. One drama clip after another. Fins Up

  11. I already know the outcome for next season. Brady becomes a Dolphin, we go to the Super Bowl and unfortunately lose. It’s not Brady’s fault.

  12. Your out of your mind with this Tom Brady business he’s a freaking old man who kicked our ass for 20 years your a joke for even bringing this bull crap up I’m going to stop paying you any mind if you keep it up

  13. How do you think Tua would feel as a team captain to have him come in a take his job,I know Miami has treated Tua like a stepchild but there’s a limit for anyone,and that would be mine, Barry’s just looking for click bait surely he doesn’t believe that

  14. It makes not a damn bit of sense rats off a ship, Barry looks like you are not nearly as big a Tua fan as you used to be , yeah Barry if someone at your job did the same to you ,I guarantee you it would not make sense to you ,you would probably say, damn I’m being replaced, Tua should say ok I am done with Miami,and start acting like Teddy Bridgewater lol


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