Tom Brady To The Miami Dolphins?? Here We Go Again! miami dolphins tom brady

Tom Brady To The Miami Dolphins?? Here We Go Again! #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Tom Brady To The Miami Dolphins?? Here We Go Again!

#tombrady #miamidolphins #nflnews

In this video, we’ll discuss the possibility that Tom Brady will end up playing for the Miami Dolphins in the near future.

The rumors are swirling and it seems like the Miami Dolphins might be the team that Tom Brady ends up playing for in the near future.

We’ll discuss all of the evidence and talk about what this could mean for the NFL and for Tom Brady himself. Be sure to check out this video to find out what you think!

Let me set the stage, there has been a TON of speculation, rumor, innuendo, feelings, emotions, comments…tweets about Tua Tagovailoa being the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins

Yes, Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel both re-affirmed at a presser that Tua was going to be the starter moving forward.

But since that day…sports journos have been all over the place.

And the fans have been caught in a whirlwind since the presser.

But local journos have been split in their coverage.

Some say the Dolphins are indeed shopping.

Others are adamant that they are not.

Listen to Ian rapport on the Pat McAffee show this afternoon.

Pretty definitive right.

He pretty much left no doubt.

People on one side were tweeting out confirmation that the rumors are done

But not so fast.

Here’s what Rich Eisen said late this afternoon

I think the ONLY thing for certain, that we ALL can agree on is that NONE of us knows what’s going on.

Anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you.

Don’t come at me with your Tua hating accusations.

The opinions are all over the place and your emotions don’t change the fact that the news changes hourly

I find it all quite interesting.

And eventually we’ll find out the real answer.

I’m sure you’ll have comments as always but wow…this is nuts!
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