Tom Brady RETIRES ? WHO IS THE GOAT: Jordan or Brady? Outkick The Show With Clay Travis miami dolphins tom brady

Tom Brady RETIRES ? WHO IS THE GOAT: Jordan or Brady? Outkick The Show With Clay Travis #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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#tombrady #miamidolphins #nfl

“Tom Brady RETIRES ? WHO IS THE GOAT: Jordan or Brady? Outkick The Show With Clay Travis miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Maybe football is no longer fun and he’s got nothing left to prove! Although, the league got soft and easier to play he did said it is bad football!!

  2. He should have retired after winning the super bowl with Tampa. Leaving New England and going to the new team and bringing them a championship. Would have cemented his legacy without the last two seasons and who knows He still may have had Giselle if he did that.

  3. Jordan or Brady….much respect for both of course. But I lean towards Jordan because Brady lost the championship when he had his best team. But…he is a badass nonetheless. But Jordan gets my vote.

  4. Brady needed belichek. Who put the roster and defense together. Successful teams have great players and a great coach. Rex Ryan would have ruined Brady’s career if he was his coach.

  5. Ur better then this clay wow. No way to compare athletes of different sports. They are each the goat in their sport. To ask this question is honestly flat out dumb.

  6. I think you might be getting shadow banned Clay. This did not come up anywhere in my subscriptions as recently as five minutes ago. I had to specifically visit your page, only to find out that this apparently has been on youtube for four hours.

  7. I’m not a Belichick fan but I couldn’t disagree more about how good Belichick. I promise you if Brady went to Cleveland he would have never played and been out of the league in a year or two. Brady was successful because of him. His teams didn’t make any mistakes in any offense, defense, or special teams!

  8. I think Sean Payton should got to Arizona cardinal because he can fix Kyle murry and make a good or great QB for real ?

  9. I think Brady should have kept on playing. Either for the Buccaneers or for another team. I think he’ll regret the decision. And he may even come back at some point. Probably to a different team. He may come back in September or October for instance. Or if like in November some really good team has a devastating injury to their quarterback Brady could step in and come out of retirement. There are a lot of possibilities like that. He still has the ability to play. He should not have quit. That’s my opinion.

  10. As the season gets going next year there will be teams begging Brady to come and play quarterback for them. I think there’s a good chance Brady comes out of retirement and goes to another team.

  11. Gretzky holds 61 records by himself. Jordan is down to like 9, and Brady has like 6. Wilt owns 72 NBA records and LeBron has like 16. Brady shares a bunch of records with Brees. It’s Gretzky


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