TOM BRADY IS BACK!…..AGAIN!?? miami dolphins tom brady

TOM BRADY IS BACK!…..AGAIN!?? #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Welcome to the NEWS WORLD OUTLET it is I the leader of the outliers King John B giving you the latest n greatest in talk, news and entertainment.

Here we go again. Rumors are swirling that NFL all time great Tom Brady is considered making his return to the NFL….again. Rich Eisen said on his show that this was THEE top rumor at last week’s NFL combine in Indianapolis. And no not a return to Tampa, nope not to back to New England but to the Miami Dolphins.

Now I know their current QB 1 Tua has had his concussion issues but damn! Don’t tell me y’all willin to move on from him for a guy who’s gonna be a one year rental at best!

Now Brady made some twitter post about having to take care of his daughter’s new kitten and how would he have time. Man please! You pushed your family to the side for 20+ yrs and now I’m supposed to believe you can’t comeback because of a cat? And notice he didn’t flat out deny it which is more of that smug shit he likes to do.

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