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SoFi stock discussion has been active on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Apewizard, to name a few. These are all excellent places to talk about this emerging company and its stock. However, you can also ask questions directly on the company’s website or in person. Whether or not you decide to buy shares in SoFi is up to you. But if you’re interested in hearing the latest information about the company, here are some tips.


SoFi stock is among the most talked-about stocks on Reddit. The company recently broke through a regulatory hurdle that could make it a bank. With the approval of the company to start its own bank, retail traders have been driving the stock higher. In recent months, WallStreetBets has been focused on Tesla, Peloton, and Netflix. While these stocks have also risen in the stock market, these companies aren’t as popular as SoFi.


A recent SoFi stock discussion on Twitter has revealed the conflicting opinions of investors. While it’s possible to gain valuable insights from this type of conversation, it’s important to understand the motivations behind the posts and comments to avoid being swayed by paid bashers. While SoFi’s dilution argument is valid, it is distorted by the fact that SoFi’s SBC is high and counts as a non-cash expense. In essence, SoFi’s SBC is a drain on its shareholders.


The SoFi stock discussion on Facebook continues to get lively and interesting. The company has 1.5 million members, and with that many eyes on the market, there’s bound to be some interesting opinions out there. Investing success, according to the CEO of SoFi, is not about timing the markets or gamifying it. The company is also a relatively new company, and its stock is trading higher after hours after its fourth-quarter results were released. But despite its positive outlook, the company has faced several years of negative press. Nordstrom’s latest report may signal that a longer-term strategy to turnaround the company is gaining momentum.


SoFi stock is on the rise as investors are encouraged by the company’s strong revenue growth. The company is transitioning its operations to include bank originations, and this transition should be complete in Q2. In addition, the student loan repayment moratorium is expected to end in May 2022. While it is unclear how long the moratorium will last, this means that SoFi will miss out on $30-35 million in revenue each year.

The recent Q3 earnings report from SoFi has the market excited, but investors should be wary of the high short interest in the company. Short interest is a huge concern for investors, as the company has 8% of its float shorted. Short covering could lead to a significant drop in share price, but this is a positive for current shareholders. In addition, SoFi’s recent announcement that it has received a bank charter could spur short covering.

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