Sharp Week 15 Bets: 49ers-Seahawks, Dolphins-Bills, Bengals-Buccaneers, Lions-Jets | The Favorites miami dolphins tom brady

Sharp Week 15 Bets: 49ers-Seahawks, Dolphins-Bills, Bengals-Buccaneers, Lions-Jets | The Favorites #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Chad Millman and Simon Hunter of @TheActionNetwork took a bye from their contest last week, but look to improve on their 43-22 Faves Five record in Week 15 of the NFL season. They give their early analysis on this week’s lines and debate how to bet the NFC West collision between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football, the Miami Dolphins looking to gain ground on the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East standings as they square off in Buffalo, and the matchup between Joe Burrow & Tom Brady as the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday.

00:00 – Week 14 recap
06:41 – 49ers at Seahawks
11:20 – Colts at Vikings
13:45 – Ravens at Browns
16:44 – Dolphins at Bills
19:51 – Falcons at Saints
22:18 – Eagles at Bears
25:43 – Cowboys at Jaguars
29:50 – Lions at Jets
32:44 – Steelers at Panthers
35:08 – Chiefs at Texans
37:17 – Patriots at Raiders
41:19 – Cardinals at Broncos
42:54 – Titans at Chargers
45:55 – Bengals at Buccaneers
47:48 – Giants at Commanders
50:52 – Rams at Packers
53:20 – Show recap

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“Sharp Week 15 Bets: 49ers-Seahawks, Dolphins-Bills, Bengals-Buccaneers, Lions-Jets | The Favorites miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Love your show. This week doesnt make sense. Jags have a lot clicking after beating inj tenn, lucky win vs bal? Wth lol. You’re using the opposite logic of buying high with jax and selling low with dallas. Probably going to cost you sea and jax tickets, your sell high logic not gonna work when it might and your jax bet gonna do just like it should, overvalued bad team, dal should be -6.5. Jags 30th in team pass block win rate and run block win rate. Dal number 2 in winning against pass block. Lawrence gonna be under duress. Indy lost that jeff saturday momentum, they should be dogs by 7.5. DVOA stats, road power rankings wise theyre last, minn at home non primetime. Philly game they swept that division, same way vikings unexplainably swept the afc east and pitt is sweeping afc south.
    These spreads should be
    phi -10.5
    dal -6.5
    sf -6.5
    vikings -7.5

  2. The Seahawks have the worst run defense in the entire NFL. They also rarely blitz, which Purdy torches. Niners win division with a win. They’re gonna run the ball down the hawks throat, and their D will play as well as they always do.

  3. I hope the 49ers teach you a lesson. Oh, and Geno’s worst game was week 2, against the 49ers. Zero offensive points, 2 ints. Time for statement.

  4. You two are the absolute best in the business. I feel like I’m listening to true sharp advice with you guys. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. Good stuff as usual. I do see the Cowboys blowing out the Jags though. A lot of T Law’s success is overrated. He’s making 25% of the field Option A or B reads. The moment he is asked to read the entire field, he’s jamming the ball into double coverage (got away w it this week). He’s also horrible under pressure in the pocket. Look, if Burrow has a hard time against Dallas (yes that was week 2), I’d bet almost everything on T Law also struggling against Dallas.

    This is a good opportunity to buy low on Dallas. I will probably place a decent bet on Dallas winning this game by 14 or more at significant plus money.

  6. I live in Pittsburgh (10 min from Heinz Field) yes Heinz Field “We” dont like Accrusure lol. So the word hear in the Burgh that Pickett not 100% ruled out but likely is and Trubisky and Rudolph splitting first team reps. If Pickett dont play it could be Rudolph just FYI 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Im sorry I completely disagree with Your view or stand on the Buffalo/Miami Game especially with the weather being positive (if its snowy ect.) for Miami WR. Dolphins play Horrible away from home and in cold weather. (They had Heaters brought in on the bench when they played last game and it was 50+ degree) Tua looked very off and there was some disconnect with Him and His receivers. Now i do think They (Miami) will rebound but not this week. Bills offense isnt rolling as usual but neither is the Phins and Buffs Def is far superior than Miami’s especially in the cold cold and at Orchard Park. I like Bills getting Their “Revenge” back on Their turf and Miami gets smothered once again! Buff- 31 Miami – 23

  8. Goff literally smoked the giants in the meadowlands…this is a different team from earlier this season exclude the first 6 weeks n that will give u a better evaluation

  9. Vegas??? Have you lost your mind are you watching football? Dude Vegas is NOT trust worthy they have blown 13 point LEADS 4 times this year that is a NFL record. Patriots win 23 to 20.


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