Rich Eisen: Why the Miami Dolphins Would Be an Ideal Landing Spot for Tom Brady Next Season miami dolphins tom brady

Rich Eisen: Why the Miami Dolphins Would Be an Ideal Landing Spot for Tom Brady Next Season #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Rich Eisen plays a game of “what if” and speculates on what Tom Brady signing with the Miami Dolphins would impact the NFL landscape next season.

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“Rich Eisen: Why the Miami Dolphins Would Be an Ideal Landing Spot for Tom Brady Next Season miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. NO! Don’t say that! I love me some Patriots. And Tommy. The phins have solen enough talent from the Pats already. And the miami owner is a less than honorable person. Alma maters notwithstanding.

  2. But. Then after one year with Brady, real decisions have to be made with Tua’s contract. Even after taking the 5th year option.

  3. As a Dolphins fan I don’t like the idea of getting a 45-year-old in for a win-or-bust year.

    I also suspect the Pats, Bills and Jets would rather face current Brady than a healthy Tua (which admittedly is a question mark).

    I wouldn’t put it past Stephen Ross but I don’t think Brady to Miami makes sense for the Dolphins, and I don’t think it would strike fear into the rest of the league these days

  4. I don’t think anyone who’s a fan of the AFC east wants Brady back here. Pats fans cause they feel betrayed, and the rest because karmic justice and we all hate him for what he did to the conference for so long. Although, watching him get stomped by 3/4 of the conference 6 times a year would be fun….. 😈

  5. Bills fan here – unsure when Rich became so anti Bills or if he watched Tom last night. Give me that dude in the AFC over Tua please 😂

  6. Brady already owns property in Miami, plus he’s planning to retire there anyways. His kids are in school in Florida too and he doesn’t want to be far from his kids. As for Tua, sorry to say but due to Tua’s history of injuries and concussions Tua is done with the Dolphins. Miami doesn’t want to pay an injury prone QB. Let’s also get one thing straight: Brady IS NOT going to Vegas and he will NOT reunite with Josh McDummy. I dont think anyone outside of the Raiders want to play for the Raiders right now.

  7. OMG let it go. Brady is not coming to Miami and the fans in Miami don’t want him… Besides in every aspect of quarterback play this season. Tua outplayed Brady. Brady is washed. Just let it go. This is not a story.

  8. im going to be totally honest. He needs to retire. The days of the natural pocket passer are over. The game is faster and requires more athleticism from quarter backs. Tom would need entirely too much to be productive.

  9. I don’t get why Miami would take a one year of Brady. Unless Tua needs a year off because of concussions, I don’t think current-Brady is all that much better than what Tua is developing to be. Brady’s legacy is clouding a lot of honest evaluation of his current play.

  10. Again, if he does come to Miami, he will no longer be TB12. #12 is retired. He would have to pick another number…

  11. Here are the options for Brady:
    1. Return to Tampa (offensive line gets rebuilt)
    2. Miami
    3. Tennessee
    4. Hang up the gears and call it a career (probability of this is very low)

    He ain’t going to Vegas. That team is near as bad as this current Tampa team.

  12. I think it’s Vegas. I don’t think Dana White would just bs like that, especially with Gronk up there essentially confirming it. Brady wanted to go Raiders anyway, now they have his old OC as HC. I also think the marketing-end of it is a factor. There hasn’t been a superstar QB in Vegas to this point. It would be a unique destination for tourists to watch Brady play at the end of his career. It was similar with MJ at the end with Washington.

  13. This fit makes no sense. Very young hc with an rpo style offense and much tougher division. Smh hopefully he just decides before free agency this time…


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