Rams likely to miss playoffs, Pat Mahomes vs Josh Allen, talks Tom Brady’s path to SBLVII | THE HERD miami dolphins tom brady

Rams likely to miss playoffs, Pat Mahomes vs Josh Allen, talks Tom Brady’s path to SBLVII | THE HERD #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd to talk the latest headlines in the NFL today. They start with Nick’s Kansas City Chiefs, and Colin asks him how he feels about his team constantly having to battle back from behind in order to secure a victory. They explore the Chiefs place in Colin’s Herd Hierarchy, and Nick explains why his confidence in Patrick Mahomes curtails any worries that they’ll fall behind. They also talk the Josh Allen vs. Patrick Mahomes debate, and whether it’s Tua Tagovailoa or Tyreek Hill that deserves credit for the Miami Dolphins’ success. They also talk Tom Brady, and Nick lays out an interesting path to the Super Bowl for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Rams likely to miss playoffs, Pat Mahomes vs Josh Allen, talks Tom Brady’s path to SBLVII | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

“Rams likely to miss playoffs, Pat Mahomes vs Josh Allen, talks Tom Brady’s path to SBLVII | THE HERD miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Uhhh this dude does realize that the Titans want nothing more than another shot at KC in January. While KC wants nothing more than to avoid having to play the Titans again. Titans showed how to play KC, and I hate to say it but that KC touchdown at the end of the game was weak af. Mahomes gets away with acting like he’s moving to the sideline, giving himself up then turns up field. I think the league needs to address this because it’s chickensh*t. It’s abusing a privilege that’s afforded the QB, and a QB should have enough respect for the game to not do that sh*t.

  2. Hey mahommes couldnt come back against brady and pats in afc championship game at home with that harlem globetrotter offense almost pulled that off but hey the old guy on the otherside can match drive for drive too and make sure you dont give him the ball in OT even in a very tough road setting in KC.

  3. Everyone always complaining about Nick being a Chiefs homer but don’t want to admit what he is saying MOST of the time is the truth and he makes great points.

  4. Everyone has to change their game to fit playing with LeBron when he’s so ball dominate now but so game dominate and the answer is trade Everyone Except LeBron…. Yea iight

  5. Ill say it again Josh Allen has proven nothing until he does hes gonna be gunning for 2nd along with Burrow, Herbert, Lamar and who ever else.

  6. Im pretty sure Mahomes comeback stat will go down in percentage the longer he plays. Comparing a 5 year sample size to another that has 4x times the sample size is silly. But yes. Mahomes is great obviously.

  7. Nick is being intellectually dishonest here and all appeals to objectivity fly out the window with his unswerving devotion to Patrick Mahomes. The reason Josh Allen has such bad stats is that he is forced into a position of predictability due to the deficiencies in the Bills attack. This will continue to be the case as long as opponents need not respect their run game.

  8. I’m a Chief’s fan. Their running game (or lack thereof) is endlessly frustrating. It’s not the players – it’s the scheme.

    The offensive lineman setup (stance) differently on running plays vs passing plays so obviously, they know we’re running it before the snap.

    On top of that, the play-action is the weakest because the defense already knows it’s a pass based off the o-line’s presentation.

    It’s an effect of the running game always being an afterthought.

    I love Mahomes, but even he could improve on not tipping off the run. Those extra wide hand offs – he never pulls those back. Our play action is too predictable.

    Other teams are honestly hard to decipher. The Chief’s are SO EASY to see preplay. This coming from a 30+ year Chief’s fan.

  9. The Jets beating Bills makes sense in divisional matchups. Many divisional games go both ways regardless of record. Jets are playing well, but not ready to hand them the contender card just yet. Dolphins don’t have the defense to carry them to the Bowl. They barely beat poor teams.


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