‘Overreaction Monday’ – Rich Eisen on Tua, Cowboys, Jets, Bengals, Vikings, Brady-Belichick & More! miami dolphins tom brady

‘Overreaction Monday’ – Rich Eisen on Tua, Cowboys, Jets, Bengals, Vikings, Brady-Belichick & More! #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Rich Eisen weighs in on the Jaguars, Bengals, Jets, Cowboys, Vikings, Dolphins, Lions and a possible Tom Brady-Bill Belichick reunion

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“‘Overreaction Monday’ – Rich Eisen on Tua, Cowboys, Jets, Bengals, Vikings, Brady-Belichick & More! miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. 6:23 “Go to Chicago and do what the Eagles did..”

    Throw no TDs and 2 INTs and barely win against a depleted team with 135 million in available cap space next year?

  2. Remember two weeks ago when Rich was saying the Titans were guaranteed to win the AFC South??? Remember that??? He wasn’t watching closely enough.

  3. One thing Chris Brockman is NOT. Is Mr. Consistency. He was caping for the vikings all year now trying to claim they’re frauds.. and im not a vikes fan by any means

  4. Jared Goff was never bad. Argue with a wall. The year he got traded & McVay + media convinced everyone Goff was bad, he won a playoff game with a broken finger w/out Cooper Kupp, an o-line, or an offensive coordinator. McVay ripped him a new one for turnovers, then had nothing to say when Stafford led the NFL in interceptions the next year. It helps winning when you add every elite player for 1 great season. People forgot that.

  5. I dont care if the Pats are boring. They were boring in 2018 and still won the super bowl. The difference is theyre undisciplined. They arent playing good football. They need to make massive change (aka fire Fat Patricia) and get back to their 2000s and 2010 roots

  6. Buffalo loses two in a row mid season and everyone writes them off. Miami loses 3 straight for the second time this season and we “feel good about them”

  7. I want the chargers to get the 7th seed and play the chiefs first round. I honestly believe chargers can beat anyone in the playoffs besides maybe the Bills

  8. The bills aren’t blowing people out so I expected that to be a close game

    This week is the real test for Miami. They can effectively lock up a playoff spot and additionally essentially toss Aaron Rodgers out of the playoffs.

    And I don’t care how below average the Packers have looked. Late season Packers teams have been notoriously difficult to beat.

  9. I’d love to see the Chiefs host the Dolphins…Bengals vs Chargers…Cowboys vs 49ers…Lions sneaking in and knocking out Brady would top it off

  10. The Texans recent close games don’t really give me any extra alarm for teams like Kansas City or Dallas.

    Every year in the last few weeks a team or two with a crappy record starts playing really tough.

    And every year in the last few weeks of the season a couple of the teams with really good records seem to be sort of in a funk

  11. All I know is when Zappe was starting for the Patriots nobody was talking about Patricia being inept. Face it people Mac Jones can’t throw the ball down the field and thus the Patriots are the least exciting offense in the world. SF, NE, and the Jets need to accept that the guys they drafted #1 to be their QB’s of the future because of their rare physical attributes and royal collegiate pedigrees aren’t as good as the guys backing them up with less physical gifts and notoriety. 90% of playing QB at the NFL level is between the ears and these hard working lower draft picks are actually better NFL QB’s than these spoiled big program prima donna QB’s in the case of the 3 teams I just mentioned. PERIOD

  12. I feel like Chris sits up at night trying to come up with stuff that is solely to annoy or call out Rich, and a bunch of his “whats more likely” are basically “whos goin to win?”….Think its time TJ takes over the #2 chair.


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