Nate Diaz releases exclusive footage of UFC 279 backstage brawl UFC 279

Nate Diaz releases exclusive footage of UFC 279 backstage brawl #ufc279 UFC 279

#ufc279 #ufcvegas60 #mma

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  1. 0:06 Mike Perry calls out former professional boxer David Haye
    0:16 Alexander Volkanovski ready to fight either Islam Makhachev or Charles Oliveira at UFC 280
    0:28 Tyron Woodley wants to fight KSI and Tommy Fury
    0:39 Nate Diaz releases footage of UFC 279 backstage brawl

  2. Nate Dias is a punk for having so much people around him. Real GS 1 deep. Fake tough guys roll in packs

  3. Gangster Nate came with 56 guys and acted tough when fight was canceled , if you know anything about Chechnya you would know who are the real gangsters , also i can bet i my life that Chechnya fighters would destroy at least 80% of UFC fighters , all they do is pray and train , causals that don’t know shitt about them or Nate fans please skip this post im not in mood to argue with morons

  4. Aye diaz you should put light on the farmers movement n there march I know you got alot of attention and people will atleast see what’s going on if they haven’t already.!

  5. Oh wow your a gangster for rocking up with 50 goons and throwing water bottles from the other hand of the room. Khamzat would’ve ended his life.

  6. If your born here you fly the American flag if you are from somewhere else trying to better your life you fly the American flag you wanna fly your countries flag with the USA flag I’m cool otherwise don’t represent

  7. The guy who claims he’s a gangster from 205 only knows gangster stuff like throwing bottles from afar. Damn is this how weak 205 is?


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