Morry Rubin, Flexshopper, Real Estate, and Net Worth

A number of benefits are associated with choosing a leasing solution from Morry Rubin Finance. These options are especially suitable for people without the upfront capital to purchase a vehicle. Moreover, the multiple payment options offered by Morry Rubin Finance allow businesses to sell more products. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check them out. This article will provide you with useful information about Morry Rubin, Flexshopper, Real estate, and Net worth.

Morry Rubin

In addition to owning a number of different businesses, Morry Rubin also has a significant net worth of $12,160 million. As the CEO of the Anchor Funding Services company, Morry Rubin has earned millions through his expertise in the mortgage industry. Among the companies, he has owned shares of are The New York Yankees, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Crystal Palace FC. His business interests also include music, including his involvement as a co-head of Columbia Records.

For small businesses, Morry Rubin Finance can provide a variety of financing options, ranging from traditional equipment financing to flexible lease-to-own payment solutions. The advantages of this type of financing are numerous, including the ability to provide flexible payment plans for customers, while still improving bottom-line numbers. This company also offers various payment plans, enabling clients to decide on the right one for them. While many of the products offered by Morry Rubin Finance are geared toward businesses, consumers can find them attractive as well.

Morry Rubin, Flexshopper, Real Estate, and Net Worth
Morry Rubin, Flexshopper, Real Estate, and Net Worth


The founder of the eCommerce giant Flexshopper, Morry Rubin, has built his net worth and credibility as a successful CEO thanks to a unique business model. Initially referred to as Anchor Funding Services, Flexshopper allows customers to make affordable weekly payments on a variety of products and rent them to own them in as little as 12 months. Rubin’s success with the company is attributed to his talent and experience. Previously, he served as CEO of Preferred Labor LLC. He has also worked at ATC Group Services and Aurora Environmental, Inc.

The company has also entered into two Promissory Notes worth $1 million with a director and major shareholder. Each demand Promissory Note is for $500,000. They earn interest at a rate of ten percent per year, and the company intends to use these funds to purchase the merchandise for lease. These notes were converted into 1,818,182 shares of the company’s stock after they matured.

Net worth

Morry Rubin has a net worth of $450 million, according to Forbes. The musician and producer is the CEO of Anchor Funding Service, which is one of the most successful mortgage companies in Southern California. His wealth is derived mainly from his business, but he also owns a minority stake in Crystal Palace FC and New Jersey Devils FC. In addition to his business, Morry Rubin also makes money by producing music albums. He is co-head of Columbia Records.

His net worth is highly related to his many successful investments. He owns a large number of stock units in FlexShopper, which is a company that provides rental services for furniture, electronics, and even a lease-to-own service. Despite his success in different fields, he isn’t as well-known as other celebrities. While it is difficult to gauge his net worth, the wealth and income he has accumulated are substantial.

Morry Rubin, Flexshopper, Real Estate, and Net Worth
Morry Rubin, Flexshopper, Real Estate, and Net Worth

Real estate

Managing Director of Moelis & Company, Alex Rubin focuses on real estate industry clients. He has over 30 years of experience advising clients on commercial real estate transactions. Previously, Rubin served as Managing Director of the Global Real Estate Investment Banking Division at Citigroup. Prior to that, Rubin was a Managing Director of European Real Estate Investment Banking at UBS in London. Rubin began his career in the finance industry with Merrill Lynch.


You may be wondering how Morry Rubin’s investments have contributed to his wealth. The CEO of Anchor Funding Services has over 400,000 shares of the company. These investments have been successful for him, and he’s earned close to $20 million in net worth. Listed below are some of his investments and how they have contributed to his net worth. In 2008, he purchased 500,000 shares for $110,000 each.

Flexshopper was a relatively unknown eCommerce store until it grew to become the top-performing eCommerce store. Rubin’s talent for growing companies from the ground up is evident in his successful track record. He has worked as the CEO of Preferred Labor LLC, ATC Group Services, and Aurora Environemental, Inc. and holds numerous other prestigious titles. This extensive background makes him the perfect candidate to manage your investments.

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