Michael Keaton On The Villainous Pharma Execs Portrayed In “Dopesick” dopesick season 2

Michael Keaton On The Villainous Pharma Execs Portrayed In “Dopesick” #dopesickseason2 dopesick season 2

#dopesickseason2 #dopesickseason2cast #dopesickseason2plotlines

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Michael Keaton describes the real life actions of the Purdue Pharma executives depicted in “Dopesick,” the Hulu limited series he stars in and executive produced. #Colbert #Dopesick #MichaelKeaton

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  1. I got hooked in 07. It eventually lead me to shooting up fentanyl and if it wasn’t for my daughter and methadone I still be on the path. It’s hard but there’s hope. Creator bless anyone struggling with addiction.

  2. I remember working as a pharmacy technician that a pharmacist told me two things that I remember well. You can kill the pain but you kill the patient. All drugs rot the brain. I witnessed addiction. It is ugly and turns people into shadow selves. It is incredibly sad, painful, and I hate the Sacklers for what they did. All for money? Totally insane.

  3. I took a blend for 3 months after an arm injury. Loved the stuff and when my prescription ran out, I simply quit. Never had issues.

  4. Michael Keaton and Everyone involved in this terrific series was outstanding. Thank you Michael for this increíble series and for anyone interested I Highly recommend the book by Beth Macy.

  5. In a couple of years, when it’s exposed that Pfizer, Moderna, Merck cut corners to get their vaccine/drugs earn them billions despite the risks, and Stephen Colbert made fun of people who worried about the drug, he’ll remember the movie ‘Dopesick’ and feel he was one of the people tricked into promoting a non-safe drug, at the expense of safer, but low or no-profit generics or repurposed drugs, that Stephen helped to gaslight, fooled by Big Pharma marketing. The Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine, one of the safer ones but set at no-profit price, being one of the gaslighting targets.

  6. Let’s make this very clear. The ONLY reason why Fentanyl is now killing 100,000 Americans every year is because addicts DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO PHARA GRADE OPIATES ANYMORE because law enforcement has made it impossible to divert pharma opiate drugs for illicit use! By shutting down OxyContin and other clean sources for addicts now they must go to criminals from Mexico to get their products, and these products are laced with deadly Fentanyl. The utter stupidity of the crusading, zealous idiots who shut down pharma grade opiates to illicit users created what always happens in a prohibition environment — the criminal class takes over. Keaton and all the prosecutors and copes involved in the drug war should have a child killed by Fentanyl bought from a Mexican drug dealer. Then they would stop whining about the few lost to Oxy. All this is aside from the fact that the series Keaton and his partners made doesn’t have a grain of truth in it. In their fable people were getting addicted to Oxy in less than 30 days of prescription use! No one becomes drastically sick and builds up a huge tolerance to opiates in less than 30 days as depicted in his misleading series. Nor is it true as claimed that Oxy was unsafe when used as directed, the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the public in the war on drugs. These are the same people who strive to keep marijuana, mushrooms and other useful drugs unavailable for medical use.

  7. This show was triggering & painful to watch, as a chronic pain patient who was given this drug, but completely accurate & so important to put out. I was on percocet for extensive 24/7 pain issues, & my doc, after the young drug reps came & sold him on Oxy, forced me to switch to it if I wanted to be on something daily to “avoid addiction”. Every explanation, chart, drawing, you see in this show, all manipulative & false info, was given to me by my doc even AFTER I complained several times that something was not right w/this drug. I went to him in tears saying I’m withdrawing from it within 3 hrs of taking it & feeling in no pain but forced to take another one to keep from getting sick. His answer, & if you watched the show u know, was then I wasn’t on a high enough dose, so he kept increasing it. When I begged him to taper me off & go back on percocet, I was accused of trying to “get high”. He finally said I’ll put you on a different med that’s also a constant release with no highs or lows, but won’t put you back on pills. He put me on Fentanyl patches. Yes, really. Short story, I lost years of my life, ended up with a tolerance so high that when I finally got a doc who would prescribe pills my use became out of control because they did nothing anymore. I was popping them like candy, & my new doctor, who was bad news also, was knowingly overdosing patients & breaking the law to the point he was sentenced to several years in prison. I felt so let down & betrayed, but I decided I would not blame any doctor or pharmaceutical co for my experience, took control & got clean. Have been sober 8 years now, still in 24/7 pain, but even after 8 years straight of doing everything right & becoming a good, responsible person, my daughters won’t forgive me for not being there how they needed when young & don’t want relationships. I thought things would improve if I took responsibility & got my life straight, but because of my chronic health issues & disabilities, those relationship possibilities were the only thing giving me hope to go on & change. And no one owes me a relationship or friendship, and I might not deserve to be forgiven, but everything I could possibly do, which I did, was all that I could do. Now, 8 years sober, I find myself wishing I had been one of the lucky ones who died from it when my doctor was literally overdosing me. I’m so heartbroken & depressed & more suicidal than I’ve ever been. I take responsibility for my own actions & life, but don’t assume that those of us who survived this company’s evil & got clean are doing okay either. They destroyed families, & none of them are paying for it.

  8. Hate to say it but he’s acting like he’s on something in this video. I’ve never seen any other videos so I don’t know but…

  9. Having been a long-term addict I have seen the top all the way to where you people think is the like a TV show or some s*** like that but let me tell you what I was glad to hear after having lived through this crap at least they mention the medication Suboxone even Subutex to that matter history lesson for you Suboxone and methadone are totally different chemicals not to mention naloxone. I digress I was happy to hear him say that he did say he was clean for a year and is mine was coming back on this new medication same thing happened to me. This is the part that’s hard people. You actually have to want it nothing worth having comes easy

  10. For those who haven’t seen it, “Clean and Sober” was an amazing film, and Michael Keaton and Kathy Baker’s performances were phenomenal.


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