Miami Dolphins Vs Baltimore Ravens Week 2 Preview! W @IngravenVids miami dolphins tom brady

Miami Dolphins Vs Baltimore Ravens Week 2 Preview! W @IngravenVids #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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“Miami Dolphins Vs Baltimore Ravens Week 2 Preview! W @IngravenVids miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Any talk about Tua talking about being shorter QB and trouble seeing WRS? Sometimes best not to be so open….then you see Maholmes I don’t think he is very tall

  2. Truly awesome content Doug! Love it! Are you going to bring on a Bills guy next week to talk about that game? That would be awesome!

  3. I think we can win this game considering how depleted the secondary is for the ravens. There top 4 cb might not play. I would like to see them push the ball down the field though. On defense I would also like to see different disguises and more of Jaelan Phillip getting to the Qb

  4. Fitz didnt say he was ‘elite’… he said he was good. I wish he was elite but he’s not… I call Tua my son I want him to succeed ppl are making a big deal over what he said and it’s nothing.

  5. Love all your content Doug. Regarding comment of the day. Before you even said it going through my mind literally is Tua’s honesty is his biggest enemy. Lol
    My biggest concern with the Ravens is (I know this will shock you ha ha) is the offensive line. I agree with you regarding Tua’s consistency but I am a huge believer that we are going to move forward from the Pats game. It’s a whole new offense and scheme and going to take at least until week 3 or 4 before completely on track. It’s all gonna come down to the trenches. 🐬⬆️

  6. I find it continually fascinating after Drew Brees’s career (nevermind others like Wilson and Murray) that people – and not just fans but NFL coaches and scouts too – still think that shorter QB’s can’t be as good as if not better than taller QB’s. The book was closed on it as far I’m concerned yet still its a thing and people live on as if they’ve never seen Brees play.

  7. Tua is too honest in his answers to press where I think majority professional players would not admit their flaws fearing backlash from the club or sponsors he wants it out it the open.

  8. If Tua can’t see where he’s throwing the ball over his O line then how is Oompa Loompa Kyler Murray doing it… Oh that’s right he don’t need to study he rocks up and throws hail marys and doesn’t have to answer to anybody. Clown!

  9. It’s a joke that the media forget our defense is dominant over the last 2 years by not only stopping teams but also scoring consistently. That’s why McDaniel said what he said that Miami is Defensive Team. Now by adding speed to our WR & RB, we don’t need Tua to be spectacular. I will take boring wins & sneaking up on the league until the NFL wakes up! Fins 23-13.

  10. Truthfully, with the Ravens, I think the games are usually close, but Miami’s issue has always been not being able to score. They eventually turn the ball over, and the Ravens blast them out in the 4th quarter. That stigma ended last season. This year, for Miami to win, the offense should be there, its about Tua and turnovers. If he can avoid making the crazy under pressure throws he sometimes makes, and the team avoids the turnovers, we should be fine. All told, the Ravens like to smash and intimidate. This worked against Miami’s weaker offensive teams in the past. Don’t buckle, don’t let them bully you. Just score and play your game and you’ll be fine.

  11. Totally agree 💯 with your 5 keys to the Dolphins winning…unfortunately, my pick is Ravens 20-17! HOPE I’m wrong…also, while Lamar Jackson is special, I have ZERO interest in acquiring him, if Tua doesn’t work out! His passing skills IMO are seriously limited, as proven by his recent playoff performances!!

  12. I think this is gonna be a closer game than people think, still feel like the ravens are gonna win 28-24 but it wouldn’t be shocking at all to see them win in Baltimore. Hope they can shock the world and pull the upset.


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