Miami Dolphins Not Pursuing Tom Brady! miami dolphins tom brady

Miami Dolphins Not Pursuing Tom Brady! #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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“Miami Dolphins Not Pursuing Tom Brady! miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. If we do stay with Tua a starter for 2023… What’s your hold your breath every time he gets hit but beside the fact or what game how many games until he gets injured we need a very very good backup quarterback…. Which I think that role should be Derek Carr……

  2. It was a distraction and Tom Brady’s life with the divorce to start in the third splitting up your assets what you f****** oh give me a break or really knocking Tom Brady f****** wake up… I guess you can’t imagine what he could do with Tyreek Hill and jaylen waddle… FUCKING SMH…??

  3. Bro what backup is gonna wanna sit behind Tua you not gonna be able to find anyone who wants to do that truth be told this is the most dumbest and just irresponsible move I ever seen the dolphins make

  4. Believe it when I see it. They wanted him last year, unless they go after Lamar. If we stick with Tua we’re going to be 8-9 or worse.

  5. What do you say to reports of Tom Brady shopping schools for his kids in the Miami area? Even if he just plans to live in Miami AFTER he announces his retirement, he would certainly be available, if something happened to TUA next season… right?

  6. Doug, are u still happy we beat Cincy in the Tank Bowl? We LOST OUT ON JOE BURROW BY WINNING!! We needed to lose most games but Flores’s ego destroyed the rebuild.

  7. According to the Miami Herald, Vic Fangio is going to be hired as Miami’s next defensive coordinator take a look at that

  8. Doug!! That was a great intro for your dad! I love how you just dragged him into the picture. Love it!!!

  9. I say sign Baker Mayfield ($7-9mil/yr)….If Tua gets hurt he can win some games…If Tua is out more than 5 games and Baker does good…extend Baker.

  10. When pops said “I saw the other video you had” about Tua being in concussion protocol, that’s a real supportive father right there. Don’t take these moments for granted, Doug. You’ve got a good father. Much love! Can’t wait for more coverage from you this off-season.

  11. Terrible news. Tua ain’t it. This team won’t win the super bowl for at least eight years. The rebuild was a failure. Tua over Herbert was a huge mistake.


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