Miami Dolphins: News & Notes | What About Fangio? | Player News | Scouting the Senior Bowl miami dolphins tom brady

Miami Dolphins: News & Notes | What About Fangio? | Player News | Scouting the Senior Bowl #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Miami Dolphins: News & Notes | What About Fangio? | Player News | Scouting the Senior Bowl
Hey what’s going on everybody, Rick, here with some Miami Dolphins news and notes.
I’ve been putting off making this video, hoping for some clarity on the Vic Fangio situation but that hasn’t come yet.
As you all know, Tom Peli-ssero tweeted out that the Dolphins have agreed to terms with Vic Fangio on deal to make him the Dolphins defensive coordinator, HOWEVER…
…Fangio has not actually signed a contract. So, a lot of people are worried about him actually becoming the Dolphins DC.
And that’s understandable.
Until he actually signs on the dotted line, things can happened.
I’m not so worried about it, I mean a little bit, but not a lot.
Fangio has been a consultant for the Philadelphia Eagles this year and, well, the Eagles are in the super bowl.
Why sign a contract with a new team before the team you’re current working for plays in the super bowl.
Why miss out on that experience.
According to the sun sentinel’s Barry Jackson, Fangio has told the dolphins he’s agree to the contract terms.
I don’t know the guy, but I would bet he’s a man of his word.
So, in my opinion no need to freak out Dolphins fans, he’ll sign the contract after the super bowl.
Now moving on to some Miami Dolphins player news, congrats to Bradley Chubb…he’s a pro bowler again.
Chubb is replacing the Chargers outside linebacker Khalil Mack.
This is the second pro bowl for Chubb, he earned the honor for his 2020 season.
That makes four Miami Dolphins pro bowlers this year, the most since 2016.
In addition to Chubb, wide receiver Tyreek Hill, left tackle Terron Armstead and cornerback Xavien Howard, are going to the pro bowl.
And let’s not forget about Tua Tua Tagovailoa who was the leading vote getter in the fan poll. He would be replacing Patrick Mahomes at the pro bowl if he wasn’t still in the concussion protocol.
Yep, Tua is still in concussion protocol, is it something to be worried about?
Yes and no.
One the one hand yes, because it’s never good to have a concussion, and it’s a worrisome to be in the protocol so long.
But on the other hand, the season is over, so I believe all parties are just taking their time, double and tripling down on being cautious.
If we get down the road and Tua starts missing team functions, then its time to worry.
And in “would be Dolphins player” news…the Dolphins will NOT purse Tom Brady in free agency.
They have committed to Tua Tagovailoa for the 2023 season.
And aside from the injury issue, I think we can see why. When healthy…Tua had the Dolphins offensive operating at an elite level.
I really hate having to use that disclaimer (when healthy) when talking about Tua but I have to for now.
I have no doubt that, in given the opportunity, Tom Brady would also operate that offense at an elite level.
I just think it’s an age thing or longevity thing now with Brady.
He’s 46 and I think he’d be, at best, a 2-year solution for the Dolphins and I think that is just too short of a time frame for the Dolphins front office.
I think if it were like a 5 year window with Brady, they go for it but everyone thinks he’s has, at best a 1 to 2 year window left.
Hey how about the salary cap.
The 2023 salary cap will be a record $224.8 million dollars.
This is an increase of $16.6 million dollars from the last year’s salary cap.
That’s good news for the Dolphins as they are currently 2.5 million dollars over the old cap.
So a little more breathing room without making any moves, but moves will be made this offseason to gain even more cap space.
The senior bowl is going to be played this Saturday.
If you’re a Miami Dolphins fan watching this game, pay attention to cornerbacks, linebackers and running backs.
Probably tight end too, as we’re going to lose Mike Geiski.
Cornerbacks I’ll be watching are Christian Gonzalez (Oregon), Joey Porter Jr. (Penn State), Kelee Ringo (Georgia) or Cam Smith (South Carolina)…though these are probably unlikely to be available when the Dolphins draft.
The cornerback I like most, that may be available with the Dolphins first pick is a junior so he’s not in this game. We’ll talk about him more during my draft special.
The thing is, is to just watch the game and see who jumps of the screen at you.
Don’t watch with specific players in mind.
Just watch those key positions, cornerback, linebacker and running back.
Maybe someone you’re expecting will catch your eye. And they do, take note.
I just checked, still no update on Fangio,
But like I said, look for that official contract signing after the super bowl.
And that’s all I have for News And Notes today.
Thanks for hanging out with me and until next time keep your fins up and keep reaching for the stars.

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