Miami Dolphins Are Lucky, According To ESPN miami dolphins tom brady

Miami Dolphins Are Lucky, According To ESPN #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Tobin reacts to ESPN declaring the Miami Dolphins start to the season “lucky”
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“Miami Dolphins Are Lucky, According To ESPN miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 19 yorum

  1. Luckiest game by far was the Bears game for me, they didn’t call the DPI at the end and the 4th down try by Chicago was blatantly dropped.

  2. Do you remember before the season started I said Tua will be the NFL NBP and every said I was crazy? Well here it comes. I know football and I know MIAMI DOLPHINS.

  3. I feel like the defense, most games, is so damn porous until the end of the game when they decide to give a shit and close it out. <---- Injuries not withstanding.

  4. And a lot of those short punts are based on the opponents’ field position as they were punting, I’m sure. Important context left out..

  5. As a Bills fan I’ll give it to Miami on putting a nice team together though all your front office drama and teams top 5 easy on talent alone.

  6. I tell you what buddy one team I’d like to avoid is the Titans, that defense and the OL protecting Tannesack are a very physical unit to beat in any case to win this one the Phins need to avoid injuries (which is almost impossible) playing with teams like the Titans.

  7. Oh God, stat nerd Bill Barnwell and his 10,000 word columns. The guy is the biggest bore since Bill Simmons. Thankfully ESPN hides most of his stuff behind a paywall so I’m not tempted to waste my time reading it.

  8. Since we are on topic Fins nation. Let me also call out ESPN’s Nick Wright. Yes, today he has Miami in his top six teams and now says Tua must be considered an MVP candidate but up till last week he has been THE MOST scathing critic of the Dolphins, finding every opportunity to insult our team and our QB. He even forced Chris Broussard to publicly state for the record something CB must have said off-air, like it was a dirty little secret he didn’t want to get out and go public. Broussard said, “What? Oh, yeah. think Tua is a dark-horse to win NFL MVP and I think they are a real threat to beat Buffalo this week.” (Chris Broussard, you are Dolphins fans 2022 man of honor for that early, bold stance.) Wright disgustedly dismissed Brousssrd and moved on to the other panelists whom he knew agreed that Tua stinks and Buffalo was going to mop the floor with Miami.
    Last week Wright said the world will see what the Dolphins really are when they go on the road and lose three straight to San Fran, LAC and Bills. Don’t let him off the hook with his sudden certainty that Tua and the Dolphins are legit. Oh yeah, and his, “We’ll see after the Dolphins start 1-3, all Tyreek’s words praising Tua will follow him all year long and crush him as they stumble to a 5-12 finish.”

  9. The eagles are lucky. The 2020 Steelers were lucky. When I watched the dolphins this year it reminds me of 2015 Arizona Cardinals or 2020 Rams or 2009 Patriots clutch on third Downs splashy plays every once in a while but just hard to stop fundamental football that stays on time.


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