Merlin Finance – What Are the Key Benefits of Merlin Finance?

Merlin Finance offers a range of services that support business owners in the field of finances. With a range of options including payment holidays and account balance restructuring, it offers a comprehensive service to clients that need help managing their finances. It supports struggling clients, ensuring revenue generation for the business. A direct debit mandate is a great way to collect payments directly from your client’s bank accounts. For more information, please visit the Merlin finance website. This article outlines the key benefits of Merlin Finance.

Investing in the stock market

Merlin Finance has created a family of investment strategies that focus on large-cap growth companies. These strategies employ quantitative analysis and an overlay of macroeconomic trends. The fund invests in companies with above-average earnings growth, attractive valuations, and high conviction. Each portfolio contains individual shares with a market capitalization of more than $5 billion. It is possible to invest up to 80% of your portfolio in a single portfolio.

What Are the Key Benefits of Merlin Finance?
What Are the Key Benefits of Merlin Finance?

Stock market education

After the success of the UK’s IPO, Merlin Entertainments has decided to float on the London stock exchange. The IPO could value the company at PS4 billion, making it the second largest visitor attractions operator behind Walt Disney. Merlin plans to raise PS200 million from the IPO, while the remainder of its debt is paid off in a secondary issue. In the secondary issue, Merlin’s private equity owners plan to sell their stakes, aiming to raise PS600 million.

Stock market aggregator

Founded by a team of Lego engineers, Merlin finance is a stock market aggregation website that helps investors track stocks and funds. Its goal is to help investors understand the various companies in the market and identify those with the most growth potential. Merlin is one of the hottest stocks in the US and has a growing list of investors, including hedge funds, institutional investors, and a wide variety of high-profile individuals.

Fixed assets management

The financials module allows users to manage Fixed Assets. The financials module provides automatic calculations to determine the depreciation method. The system supports the reducing balance method and straight-line depreciation methods. Users can depreciate assets automatically at period end, or manually. Fixed Assets feature dynamically links to the Nominal Ledger, providing full auditability and traceability. This means that fixed asset costs are automatically accounted for in the financial statements.

What Are the Key Benefits of Merlin Finance?
What Are the Key Benefits of Merlin Finance?


Merlin Finance has recently announced a major transaction to diversify its sources of finance and benefit from long-term resources at a very attractive cost. The transaction included a multi-currency revolving facility in the amount of PS300 million and a cash balance of PS152 million and PS285 million, respectively. The transaction was completed on 26 December 2015. As of that date, the facility was still available, having been drawn down PSnil in 2015.

Multi-company transactions

As the world’s second-largest visitor attraction company with more than 110 attractions in 23 countries and four continents, Merlin needs a fully integrated treasury workflow. It turned to Bloomberg, which has built a hedge accounting platform to meet this requirement. Merlin partnered with Bloomberg on the project and is expected to close the deal later this year. Its clients include Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, and many others.

EC Sales Reporting

EC Sales List is a document that is required from businesses that have supplied more than PS35,000 worth of goods in the past four quarters. The ECSL form is available electronically or on paper. If you choose to submit the form electronically, you should complete form VAT101B and send it to HMRC at the address on the form. This form should have the street name, city name, and postcode entered, not a PO box.

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