Lamar Jackson SIGNS with the MIAMI DOLPHINS‼️?? | ESPN | ADAM SCHEFTER | NFL NEWS miami dolphins tom brady

Lamar Jackson SIGNS with the MIAMI DOLPHINS‼️?? | ESPN | ADAM SCHEFTER | NFL NEWS #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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“Lamar Jackson SIGNS with the MIAMI DOLPHINS‼️?? | ESPN | ADAM SCHEFTER | NFL NEWS miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 3 yorum

  1. Do you think the Dolphins will win the Super Bowl with Lamar Jackson ⁉️??? Please Subscribe to my channel for Daily NFL Videos ???

  2. First the dolphin are going to need a better o- line to protect their QBs. QB and RBs always get hurt more at this team than others because they sign QB, RB and Defense first. Most championship teams have at least 3 really good O linemen. The last time Miami won a Superbowl they had 3 of them big boys and I was surprised that year because we never invested in OL heavy before that and it got everyone hurt; even Marino; if he wasn’t hit so much would’ve played one more year. I remember the hit and saying he is done with this shit now. Like that he was done. Look at Tua now, history repeated. Change the ideology of management and perhaps we have a chance again. But I don’t think anyone except green players would go their first decision. Hill came here for the bag and because he loves South Florida; plus it’s close to his hometown. Lamar is from the crib and I doubt he wants to come here. He grew up watching what happens to QB here.


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