Kamaru Usman Octagon Interview | UFC 286 UFC 279

Kamaru Usman Octagon Interview | UFC 286 #ufc279 UFC 279

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Former UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman talks with Daniel Cormier after his fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 286 in London.

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“Kamaru Usman Octagon Interview | UFC 286 UFC 279” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. When Usman said he a brother like me Dc felt that cause he’s one too that’s why he put his hand on usmans shoulder ????

  2. Usman did not lose that fight. He had almost six minutes control time – Edwards had more leg kicks – Usman threw more punches and stalked him around the ring all five rounds. This is your classic case of home advantage. I’d even say this fight was a tie – but Edwards the clear winner is a fix if I’ve ever seen one. I knew Usman was going to have to knock him out. Leaving it to the judges in the home fighter’s neighborhood is bad news for anyone

  3. First of all, lemme just say I actually enjoyed the 3rd fight between Leon & Kamaru.
    Even though the co-main event was way more action packed than the main event.
    (both great fights.) ????????

    Ngl, I’m not really a fan of Usman at all – i think he has the most annoying and dumb personality in the entire Ufc Roster.
    BUT with that being said… Usman really did have an amazing run up until this point, both while chasing the belt
    and the amount of time he remained welterweight champ. But dude c’mon… that head kick KO must have scrambled his brain too much,
    because the man is standing there post-fight interview saying “I’ma see Leon again”, calling for a 4th fight when Leon literally won the
    trilogy tonight in London and is now 2-1 over Usman in the trilogy…

    Shit is retarded is Usman gets a 4th fight, in my opinion Leon proved in this rematch,
    that it wasn’t luck that brought him the win in their second fight. ????????✊????


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