Israel Adesanya Talks UFC 281 Loss, Stoppage, Alex Pereira Rematch, and More – MMA Fighting UFC 279

Israel Adesanya Talks UFC 281 Loss, Stoppage, Alex Pereira Rematch, and More – MMA Fighting #ufc279 UFC 279

#ufc279 #ufcvegas60 #mma

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Israel Adesanya discusses how he’s dealing with his loss at UFC 281, his performance, his fight week, fight night, Brad Riddell’s decision to step away, his walkout song, the finish, sparring with Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, when he wants to return, why he wants Alex Pereira next, the reaction from fans, and more.

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“Israel Adesanya Talks UFC 281 Loss, Stoppage, Alex Pereira Rematch, and More – MMA Fighting UFC 279” üzerine 18 yorum

  1. Izzy took the loss like a good sport on fight night and kind of won me over. Then he proceeded to go on multiple talk shows making all kinds of excuses about his leg, the stoppage, saying he wasn’t hurt. Now I’m back to disliking him again. That didn’t take long. What a POS. …Goddard robbed us all of seeing Izzy face planted in the canvas. All we needed was 3 more seconds and that knee would have caved his face in.

  2. I am a fan but if you look at the replay your hands were down when you were getting hit. You can say what you want but the replay says it all your hands were not up look at the replay

  3. How is this not eating you up inside?

    By lying through his teeth lol it is sad to think about the heartbreak that must come with losing your title. Especially after being so dominant. But he is lying lying lying at every turn lol

  4. Mark Goddard literally saved him getting flatlined. I know as combat sports fans KOs are the life blood and we love them but anyone who’s a real fan of Izzy should be glad for Mark Goddard seeing that that was a finishing sequencing, Izzy took like 10 shots unanswered, his hands were limp hanging and Alex was coming in about to swing from the floor and take his head off and Goddard flew in and saved him. Does it suck for Izzy? Of course it does. But an early stoppage isn’t necessarily a bad stoppage. Izzy was seconds away from getting starched.

  5. Larry Rife
    0 seconds ago
    “Mad respect on Israel he’s taking this loss like a champ!’

    -he’s lucky he hit my nerve
    -I wasn’t rocked
    -I was wobbled but only because of my knee
    -The ref did a good job but he was wrong
    -My eyes were rolling in the back of my head but I could see his arms and legs
    -I was just waiting for him to gas so I could take him down even tho I couldn’t even clinch
    -i was in the best shape of my life but I did have an injury I cannot prove

  6. Love the energy and his response(s)! There’s no denying Alex’s ability to recover – such a strong and talented striker. Already looking forward to the rematch, great for the sport. 🤘🏾🙌🏾

  7. Izzy had me with handling the loss well, and then he ruined it by making excuses and ariel stroking his ego didn’t help either.

  8. Ariel stfup , your flow is all over the place … “you were more rocked in the gustlem fight” izzy says “gastleum i mean was rocked” wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I think there should be out of competition weigh ins. Like u can’t walk around at 240 and then cut to middleweight or whatever. It’s kinda defeating the purpose.


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