FitzMagic Shocks Brady! | Crazy Endings miami dolphins tom brady

FitzMagic Shocks Brady! | Crazy Endings #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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“FitzMagic Shocks Brady! | Crazy Endings miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. I hate the Patriots with every microscopic fiber of my being BUT I love Julian Edelman, I will buy his jersey someday.

  2. Fitz could have been great but he was so damn inconsistent. One week he was in a shootout with Tom Brady the next he takes five sacks and throws three ints. Lol. He burned my Eagles a couple of times. But I would never want him as a starter on my team.

  3. This was at the end of the Dynasty. Dolphins did at times give the patriots trouble. Especially in Miami. Of course they’re still a joke of a franchise.

  4. 2 HUGE mistakes, phins got rid of flores & fitzpatrick
    flores was a GREAT coach & fitz could see the whole field and didn’t crack under blitzes like you know who.
    edit: this is what happens when ownership runs the team… am i right, dallas fans?

  5. 8:55

    Arrowhead Stadium
    Kansas City, MO
    1233 miles away from MIA-NE

    LAC 21, *KC 24
    4th 2.42
    1ST & GOAL, LAC 7

    Kevin Harlan: And Williams digs and turns, corkscrews for six. What a run! Touchdown! 7 yards

    Meanwhile, Miami has 1st & Goal, down by 4. And they’re at the New England 4-yard line, 1st & Goal, 29 seconds left.

    Here, Buckner kicks the extra point

    And Fitzpatrick throws in the end zone, touchdown Miami! The Dolphins have just scored! Gesicki the tight end got a laser in the back of the end zone on a goal-to-go touchdown pass by Miami quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to take a lead with 24 seconds to go.

    The extra point coming up for Miami, leading New England 26-24

    And the crowd now knows it

    What a throw by Fitzpatrick! What a touchdown run by Williams on the last weekend of the regular season in the NFL.

    If the Chiefs win and New England loses, the Chiefs will be the 2-seed. They’ll get the bye and have a home game the next weekend

    Trent Green: I’m getting confused. What game are you calling?

    Kevin Harlan: I’M CALLING *BOTH* GAMES!

    Here is the extra point. The Dolphins have just gone up on New England 27-24 with 24 seconds to go.

    Trent Green: CBS is going to have to send you two checks this week

    Kevin Harlan: I think I’m breaking every FCC rule in the book

  6. What ruined Flores was the way he handled the Tua situation tbh, i see that as his biggest blunder. Otherwise I feel he wouldve been an HC elsewhere


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