ESPN First Take: Tua Tagovailoa’s Career Is In Jeopardy! miami dolphins tom brady

ESPN First Take: Tua Tagovailoa’s Career Is In Jeopardy! #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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ESPN First Take: Tua Tagovailoa’s Career Is In Jeopardy!

#tuatagovailoa #miamidolphins #mikemcdaniel

ESPN First Take, host Stephen A. Smith discussed the fact that Tua Tagovailoa’s career may indeed be in jeopardy.

Smith discussed the seriousness of the injury and whether or not it could end Tagovailoa’s career.

The Miami Dolphins will not start the off-season on time for the first time since 2016 but it may not last long and that brings Tua Tagovailoa into off-season discussion.

Will Tua Tagovailoa be with the Miami Dolphins next year?

Will he be the starting quarterback in 2023?

Is Miami ready to move on or give him another year?

Those are the questions that fans are debating and the mainstream media has no answers because most think Tua should retire.

Miami could shock the NFL world and knock off the Bills on Sunday but if we are being honest, the chances of that happening is less than 10% and that might be generous. If Miami loses, their off-season starts immediately and Tua Tagovailoa will have plenty of time to recover from his concussion.

Before we know if Miami will move on from Tua, something I do not believe will happen, the question needing answered first is will Tua retire? We should know that before the start of free agency in March or would hope to but when March rolls around, we will know if the Dolphins are either moving on or shelving Tua for the 2023 season and see what happens.

Miami is not in a position to make any trades. They have little draft capital unless they view the roster complete sans a quarterback.

Miami’s best chance to land a quarterback if Tua isn’t the plan for 2023 is free agency and only Tom Brady seems realistic but does any Dolphins fan really want Tom Brady? No, but that doesn’t matter because Stephen Ross sees Brady and sees a quarterback that could potentially take his team to the Super Bowl. At 82 years of age, Ross isn’t afforded the luxury of time.

Luckily, if Brady is the immediate future, we should see him signed sometime in March and if a trade is an answer then we should know by the draft in April. Either way, it’s only January but two months from now isn’t that far to wait, just two months of speculation and rumor that we don’t really need.

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  1. There is no conspiracy! In his last concussion, Tua took what looked like a normal hit, either hid the effects, or just got up unaware and played like he was on the planet Zod, and didn’t spill the beans until the next day. In boxing they have people that are always on the look for this, football, not so much. We are in scary territory here. For better or for worse, Tua is now in the unenviable position whereby every time he takes the field, everyone watching is waiting to see when he gets carted off next. Who in their right mind would want to have to deal with that?

  2. Every single team in the NFL are always ONLY one play away from being in this same position. Let the man play if he can play and quit acting like only Miami has this problem. Tua is a beast and the league knows it.

  3. You guys wanted Tua and this is what you got. I didn’t want him just like I didn’t want Tannehill because I knew it was going to be a waste of time in both cases. But, no. Everyone had to have Tua and now I have to suffer through the BS again because of people who don’t know squat. Take Clayton Tune or Cameron Ward in the next draft. Show me someone associated with this team knows what they’re doing.

  4. The Tua experiment is over. I’ve got two names for you in the next draft. Clayton Tune. Cameron Ward. That’s it. Remember where you heard it first

  5. The Dolphins have pursued TB12 twice and got penalized once already for tampering…Tua’s a great kid and player but his injury history and especially the concussions has given the Dolphins the perfect out in their eyes

  6. Here’s my take on the Tom Brady rumors. If you want Brady to play for Miami then you know NOTHING about football and you aren’t a true Miami Dolphins fan. No true fan would EVER want Tom Brady to play for the Dolphins

  7. The NFL doesn’t want to revisit 2019-2020 with the concussion ordeal…They would run Tua out the league before that happens

  8. Barry I like how you did not forget about security as far as those the NFL employees. Awesome! We could not have any major entertainment events without…the police and security details. That’s right for those who have a different point of view then mine. THAT’S RIGHT WE NEED THE POLICE. !!!! Security is the key to a great time at any major entertainment event. Tua is not not done. The Dolphins are playing a Bill Belichick on the media😄😃😃😃😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😅😅😅😅😅😅!

  9. Barry can this be racially motivated? I’m Latino married to my wife who’s Vietnamese and African American. I know Stephen A is in this but dam man they don’t want this kid in the nfl

  10. He’s a spot thrower …,cannot go through progressions….
    Teams have found that out…it’s Hill or Waddle then zero….
    He’s had a crap year not even an alternate on PBowl…has the best 2 receivers in history….
    Wake up ffs

  11. Yes, Teddy and Skylar are also small and probably why they have a hard time starting and finishing a game. Murray is small, gets hurt, yet he’s much stronger and compact and can take bigger hits. Tua’s soft. You compare Tua’s size to two nobody’s and another guy who also gets hurt but not as often as Tua. How about comparing him to Herbert. How many games has he missed? How about Allen? How about Mahomes? Burrow? So yeah, Tuas small and fragile for an NFL starting QB and his arm is the weakest. Murray too has a much stronger arm.

  12. You missed Smiths point. He meant the Dr who examined him should’ve watched a replay of Tua stumbling and use his eyes as well as the medical exam in the locker room. This is assuming he didn’t see Tua stumble. So Smith of course is not saying anyone should check with him and his eyes. Duh.


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