Episode 675: | Fin Too Deep | Tua’s Parents CONFIRM His Return To The Dolphins + Creating Cap Space miami dolphins tom brady

Episode 675: | Fin Too Deep | Tua’s Parents CONFIRM His Return To The Dolphins + Creating Cap Space #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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On the debut episode of Fin Too Deep here on Phinside The NFL, hosts Reason and Neal Driscoll will discuss the Dolphins defensive coordinator search plus more including how easily the Dolphins can create $65+ million in cap space!

Also, Tua Tagovailoa’s parents CONFIRM he’ll be returning in 2023 to the Miami Dolphins and Tua’s dad says something VERY interesting that might make the haters mad!

They’ll also discuss why it’s not worth overreacting to Tom Brady touring schools for his children in the South Beach area!

0:00 – Intro

4:24 – Opening Thoughts On The Defense, Boyer’s Downfalls, Vic Fangio & More

8:47 – Vic Fangio Being Pursued By Multiple Teams & How Dominoes Are Falling Not In Miami’s Favor

12:25 – How Will The Vic Fangio/Dolphins Saga Play Out?

19:40 – How The Dolphins Can Create $65 Million+ In Cap Space This Offseason

35:29 – Dolphins To Interview Anthony Campanile Friday & Make Steve Wilks An Option

40:24 – Tua’s Parents Confirm Tua’s Return To Miami In 2023 & Galu Says: “That’s Their Guy”

58:30 – Tom Brady Checks Out Schools In Miami & Why That Doesn’t Matter For The Dolphins

1:00:57 – Final Thoughts

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“Episode 675: | Fin Too Deep | Tua’s Parents CONFIRM His Return To The Dolphins + Creating Cap Space miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 8 yorum

  1. I really like this guy Neal.. he thinks like i think about the team.. he’s 100% right too about the direction of the team and developing continuity in this organization.. and we all as dolphins fans need to stop bringing up the last 30 years . As hard as it is to do for us older fans.. it’s so dumb to overreact to a season or moves the team made.. they don’t make moves to go all in 1 year.. Grier always structures contracts in a way that always gives us flexibility in 2 year intervals..i don’t see Denver hiring another defensive coach….I know they just had Hackett but he was a bust and they need someone to get Russell Wilson right after they invested all that money and draft capital for him.. Ryans and Gannon are not gonna be an option for them imo.. David Culley and Lovie Smith were the coaches in Houston the last 2 years. .I think Ryans would be their #1 choice and would be the favorite to land the Houston job unless the niners win this week and Houston wants to get their coach and don’t have a preference if it’s Ryans or Gannon.. I’m all on board with drafting a rb. All these guys saying to sign Josh Jacobs.. just dumb.. Barkley is a physical freak I wouldn’t sign him but wouldn’t be mad if they did.. but again I’d draft a guy. Achane is my #1 guy.. Bigsby another stud . Charbonet an the rb from Pitt Abanikinda.. the backup to Bijon Robinson, Roschon Johnson I think his name is.. solid prospect.. Sean Tucker from Syracuse is a downhill runner that could help us close out games and be the early down back if we decide to wait later in the draft.. and Jahmayr Gibbs if he falls to the 2nd or 3rd reminds me of Alvin Kamara for some reason. I don’t think we keep Mostert..I think they would keep Jeff Wilson before Mostert just due to age and injury history. I think we got what we needed from him and he was great.. thank you Raheem ? Wilson had the hip injury which effected him down the stretch.. but I think he would be the change of pace back for us no matter who we get and he’ll be cheaper than mostert..a few other rbs I think we could target are Chase Brown from Illinois and Mohamed Ibrahim from Minnesota.. both are 3 down backs imo the may fall later in the draft due to some injuries specially Ibrahim.. Brown was a dark horse Heisman candidate at 1 point this year.. he’s a bit smaller but he’s a tackle breaker..

  2. I stopped watching after u said the eagles roster is lightning in a bottle compared to our roster.. Their roster is built for the long haul while our roster has plenty of holes.. U talk out of ur ass too much dude..

  3. I hope he comes back and shuts all these doubters and haters up. The day I quit standing behind Tua will be the day he retires.


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