Dolphins-Chargers reaction, Miami regrets Tua over Herbert, Tom Brady’s next move | 3 & Out miami dolphins tom brady

Dolphins-Chargers reaction, Miami regrets Tua over Herbert, Tom Brady’s next move | 3 & Out #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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John Middlekauff reacts to Sunday Night Football as Justin Herbert and the Chargers defeat Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill and the Dolphins. John discusses why the Dolphins should regret not selecting Herbert over over Tua. John discusses the biggest storylines from Week 14 of the NFL season including Tom Brady and the Buccaneers loss to the 49ers, if Brady will retire after the season, if the Jets should move on from Zach Wilson after impressive performance in loss to Bills, why the Josh Allen and the Bills look sluggish, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles blowout win over the Giants and much more!

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“Dolphins-Chargers reaction, Miami regrets Tua over Herbert, Tom Brady’s next move | 3 & Out miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. I can’t even describe how mind numbingly hard it is to know just how good Justin is, and to know how much he’s held back by the coaches.

    The worst part is though John jokes about Staley being the village idiot (and to an extent he is), he makes enough good decisions that you know will give some false hope for it to get better.

    For example, with him giving input, we’ve had a couple really good drafts.bleacher report did a redraft of the 2021 first round, and both Asante Samuel Jr and Josh Palmer made the redraft. That’s pretty good to draft three first round quality players. And again this year, Jamaree Salyer has been a shocking success given how late he went. Some of the rooloes have also been stepping up the past couple weeks. And then Staley will go and have a game like this and you see a glimpse of the upside he was hired for. But I don’t think it will last, and unfortunately I’m not convinced the owners will recognize we need an upgrade.

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  3. Yes this is what happens when ppl actually watch football. I been scratching my head all year tryna figure why there was so much slander on Herbert because when you actually watch him play he’s easily in the top 5 conversation

  4. Herbert have had the best roster in the league for 2 years and have nothing to show for it …like these media guys protect Herbert as if he “The Great White Hope” I’ve never seen nothing like this ! Best roster every year still ain’t made a playoff game but because he Tall/White & Stands in the pocket he gets a free pass !

  5. Yeah Celine Dion’s got a stiff neck I’m not saying it’s from the vaccine but literally she could get the vaccine in 10 minutes later have a diagnosis and they still wouldn’t say it’s the vaccine but I know you can’t admit that on the show you’re on

  6. I don’t think it’s because tua has been tight I think it’s the way the Niners play defense and then the Chargers copied off of it make those linebackers and safeties drop deep so Tyreek and waddle couldn’t get in between the zones and that’s it if you can’t run the ball.

  7. I’d take herbert if he was hurt over tua. I thought patrick mahomes would take advantage of hill deep ball more than he did. I think herbert would be unstoppable with hill.

  8. The bills do have a running game, they just don’t always use it, they didn’t much today, but the last few games they did to great effect. Also if I was the jets, I would not keep Zack Wilson, Mike white is way better.

  9. I like Herbert and I realize not everything is his fault, but watching this game tonight even though the chargers won, the offense looks like it’s moving in slow motion. Also without that fluke TD that was a fumble and they let Tyreek in the end zone, Miami was terrible.

  10. I don’t know if Brady got outplayed by Purdy. I know the stats show it, but the contexts are so different. Purdy has so so much more help than Brady that game. Brady’s line was getting battered, he was facing pressure all day. He had to throw the ball so much, they can’t run for shit. 55 pass attempts vs Purdy’s 21. 69 rushing yards for the Bucs, over 200 for the 9ers. It’s really hard to look at that and just go to the passing numbers and say Purdy played better.

  11. When someone prefaces _”stats don’t mean everything”_ that is a heads up for a BS subjective rant not grounded in objective fact. The NFL media has a h@rd-on for Herbert even though he’s a sub-.500 career QB. Tua is having a tough few weeks after being #1 in the NFL Media’s QBR metric for several weeks. But if Tua isn’t “perfect,” he’s somehow trash and _’Miami wishes they didn’t have him.’_ 🤦‍♂️ He’s still 8-5 to Herbert’s 7-6. Relax.


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