CONFIRMED TOM BRADY IS NOW A DOLPHIN!! miami dolphins tom brady

CONFIRMED TOM BRADY IS NOW A DOLPHIN!! #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Tom Brady doesn’t play for the Miami Dolphins and may never do so, but if he did, the Dolphins would have a quarterback shortage.

Media reports claim that a relationship between Tom Brady and the Miami Dolphins almost happened. What jersey number would the star quarterback wear is a hypothetical question that no one has brought up to this far.

For the Dolphins, only Bob Griese has worn the number 12. Since 1982, no player has wore the number that belonged to the Hall of Fame quarterback. All during his NFL career, Tom Brady has sported the number 12.

Receiver Chris Godwin gave up his number to Brady when he signed with the Bucs a couple of years ago. The number had previously been worn by two wide receivers in Tampa, and the other seven players, including Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer, were all quarterbacks. Not very comparable to Bob Griese.

According to rumors, Griese would probably not want to share his number with anyone, and Marino would have no reason to approve Griese wearing 13. Brady wore size 10 when he was a student at Michigan.

I am aware that I am talking about something that most likely won’t ever happen or is at the very least unlikely. Even so, if Brady were to sign with the Dolphins, would he demand the release of the number 12 to him?

But Ross could pluck the jersey from the rafters if he wanted to, and given his recent display of seeming infatuation for Brady, would it be shocking if he did? I would have to assume that Ross would put pressure on Griese to allow it.

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It has precedent, after all. The Broncos granted Manning the number 18, which had been put in retirement for Frank Tripucka, with the family’s approval.

The bigger question, I think, is whether the Dolphins ever need to be concerned about it. I wish I could respond to that right away.

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