Can Dolphins STUN Bills? 8 Steps To Win NFL Wild Card Game Ft. Skylar Thompson | Dolphins News miami dolphins tom brady

Can Dolphins STUN Bills? 8 Steps To Win NFL Wild Card Game Ft. Skylar Thompson | Dolphins News #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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The Miami Dolphins are set to face off against the No. 2 seed Buffalo Bills on the road in the AFC Wild Card Game. With Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa ruled out vs. the Bills, 7th round pick and former Kansas State QB Skylar Thompson was named the starting QB for Miami in this highly anticipated AFC playoff matchup. The entire world is counting the Dolphins out, but Dolphins Today host lays out 8 things that need to happen for Miami to get a win vs. the Bills:
#1: Empty the playbook
#2: Skylar Thompson balling out
#3: Find Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle
#4: Bills underestimating Miami
#5: Make a statement early
#6: Defense stepping up
#7: Win the turnover battle
#8: Josh Allen struggles

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How Miami’s offense can get creative:
#1: Trick plays
#2: Tyreek in wildcat
#3: K-State Skylar

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Answer this question, Fins Nation! How can the Dolphins offense get creative vs. Bills?

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Skylar Thompson Preseason Stats:
– COMP/ATT: 29/38
– YDS: 450
– TD: 5
– INT: 0

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Skylar Thompson Rush Stats at Kansas State :
– 2021 Stats: 47 CAR, 4 YDS, 1 RUSH TD
– 2020 Stats: 19 CAR, 38 YDS, 1 RUSH TD
– 2019 Stats: 114 CAR, 405 YDS, 11 RUSH TD
– 2018 Stats: 105 CAR, 373 YDS, 5 RUSH TD

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Josh Allen vs. Dolphins 2022 stats:
– COMP/ATT: 67/103
– YDS: 704
– TD: 6
– INT: 0

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Predict the score for Dolphins vs. Bills!

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“Can Dolphins STUN Bills? 8 Steps To Win NFL Wild Card Game Ft. Skylar Thompson | Dolphins News miami dolphins tom brady” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Not a chance. These past weeks they continue to give up big chunk plays. CBs and safetys are doing it. Our run defense has been pretty good but pass defense, eh, we’ll get shredded

  2. Our 3rd down defense has been absolute garbage aaaallllll season. The last thing we need to do is let Allen get out of the pocket and run for a wide open 1st down.

  3. They lost and give up. Next season we can talk about the game. I’m eat popcorn, while watching them fail.

  4. Hold Bills to 19 points…Force Turnovers, special teams dominance w/ field position including hill/waddle on kick returns, Skyler under 15 pass attempts, 300+ yards rushing on 50 combined rushes by Wilson, ahmed, waddle & hill…Bills playoff curse kicks in…Allen will probably go down with injury on the first series. Cream always rises to the top & Miami is a superior franchise.

  5. My suggestion is the defense for the dolphins need to work as a platoon and blitz Allen continuely. In order to be able to keep the pressure on Allen this has to be done as a platoon- always keep the guy fresh and buffalo offensive lineman going get tired- dolphins have to run the ball consistently

  6. Let’s try the statue 🗽 of liberty play. Do a little wishbone action with a super power 32 maybe a 3 three defense!!!!!

  7. With Tua Phins win. We need Mostert to do what he did a couple seasons ago when he played for the 49ers. He beat the Packers by himself in the playoffs.. He has that kind of talent

  8. DON’T know how good the Bills will feel if they win to our 3 rd stringers … we are soooo decimated with injuries -it’s not even funny


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