BREAKING NEWS: Did Tom Brady Say Goodbye To The Tampa Bay Buccaneers? miami dolphins tom brady

BREAKING NEWS: Did Tom Brady Say Goodbye To The Tampa Bay Buccaneers? #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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BREAKING NEWS: Did Tom Brady Say Goodbye To The Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

#tombrady #tombradyretires #tombradytampabaybuccaneers

Tom Brady Says Good Bye To The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady seemed to walk of the field for the last time after the Tampa Bay buccaneers wild card playoff loss to the Dallas cowboys

As he left the field at Raymond James Stadium, Brady tipped his hat to the crowd, kissed his mother and father who were on the field, and walked solemnly into the tunnel.

He then thanked the press for their support and respect in a short press conference after that game

So what’s next for Tom Brady?

Will he retire? Move to the Fox broadcasting booth?

Or will he entertain offers from other NFL teams looking to acquire his services.

Right now, it appears there are 3 teams that may enter the Tom Brady Sweepstakes.

San Francisco 49ers…but with the emergence of Brock Purdy, who knows.

The Las Vegas Raiders with his former play caller Josh McDaniels

And of course, the Miami Dolphins…which would pair him with the other McDaniel

One thing is for sure…It’s going to be a very, very interesting next couple of months.

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  1. Over the next few weeks and months we’re going to hear a lot about Tom Brady’s plans. Will he retire? Go up in the broadcast booth, or keep playing. Should be very interesting to watch.

  2. I think we can rule out Miami, Brady isn’t gonna come here to be QB 2, and while Grier and Mike did imply they’re going after one of the better qb2’s that could even be a fringe qb1, they also said Tua will be QB 1 next year, aside from that, I don’t want to waste cap on a one year rental at qb, especially after how poor he looked this year

  3. At his age and this stage of stunning accomplishment, Brady can only go for bigger, not smaller things. Ownership? Big Hollywood / TV contract? But working UNDER someone again? Never.

  4. If he does retire, I think he wants to be a part-owner. Considering the fact that Ross was suspended for tampering with Brady and it appeared that Brady was on board until everything crumbled. This was his plan to play for Miami and then become part-owner.

  5. It feels like you are trying to ‘will’ this ‘Brady to Miami’ move into reality lol
    You know what also felt like a goodbye?? When he actually retired!!! lol Yet he went back to them so he seems pretty impossible to read…

    In the meanwhile, and I ask this mostly in jest, but have you shifted to a Miami Dolphins channel or a Tom Brady channel? 😉

  6. Given QB 1 Tua possible news. It almost seems to me that Brady may become our pass game/ Qb coordinator suspecting that Darrell Bevell leaves. Ross will pay him big money!

  7. It appears that father time caught up.
    Enjoyed watching his remarkable career, we won’t see another Tom Brady.

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