BREAKING! Joe Rogan BREAKS SILENCE on UFC contract, Fighters PlSSED OFF over new UFC deal, Khamzat UFC 279

BREAKING! Joe Rogan BREAKS SILENCE on UFC contract, Fighters PlSSED OFF over new UFC deal, Khamzat #ufc279 UFC 279

#ufc279 #ufcvegas60 #mma

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UFC news today, we have UFC commentator Joe Rogan breaking silence on his UFC contract. Then we have news on UFC fighters being angry about new UFC deal and more. Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content.

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-Dana White Praises Khamzat Chimaev Following Chaotic UFC 279 Fight Week

-Joe Rogan breaks silence on his UFC contract

-Chael Sonnen Rallies Fans To Tony Ferguson’s Side After Latest Loss

-Jared Cannonier vs. Sean Strickland Rebooked For December

-Fighters Left Hanging After UFC Inks New Shoe Deal

-Brendan Schaub Fires Back At Dana White Over Recent Criticism


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  1. Yea well Dwayne Johnson is a typical liberal. As soon as it’s time for him to give up some of his money, he’s not so liberal anymore.

  2. Rogans contract reveal highlights how much Rogan values his free speech. He knows Dana would never try and control what he says on his podcast or in interviews, but with corporate control of the UFC it would be a very different story.
    I hope they both stay forever.

  3. Kumshit showed his true colours…got the take down from Holland going to fist bump like most fighters do …not saying he wouldn’t have won but he’s a scumbag ….

  4. If the fighters forced to wear certain sponsored gear they should get paid as if they were being sponsored. Or at least allow them to sign on other sponsorships so they can make money. If Ufc is sponsored by something it should be on the octagon floor, or on the jumbo tron or wherever but not the fighters

  5. Win or loss… Us Tony fans don’t care. He is an amazing fighter and person, if you dont like Tony then you dont like MMA. Its that simple. CSO

  6. I agree with Dana on this and honestly, Brendan doesn’t say anything at all worth listening to anymore. And even with Khamzat not making weight means nun cause I’m sure Nate still would have fought him tbh. Nate fought someone else who had missed weight before, I think it was Rory Markham If I’m not mistaken who missed by 7 pounds. So I doubt he cares as long as he gets paid. Brendan just has to try and stay relevant somehow and it won’t be from his comedy tbh.

  7. I think Khamzat Tjimajev should hang up his gloves 🥊 😁 just because he is cheating us fans,,, I was looking forward to seeing 😍 him and Diaz. I don’t really care who would have won it, I was just looking forward to the match ❤️ (of course I had hoped Diaz would have done exactly the same on his original opponent)
    Ps. the only time i’m interested in what joe rogan does, is when he’s on a comedy stage, or when he talks on his podcast to real interesting people like, Jordan Peterson, Rupert Sheldrake etc,,,

  8. After that embarrassing display Sean stickland put on made the UFC say let’s go ahead and get em up out here. Feeding him to Jarod whew should be fun

  9. Their exit from UFC probably has something to do with the Hollywood stars sticking their nose in to the UFC scene

    Apparently Mark Zuckerberg likes UFC now ??

  10. Dana said we couldn’t have changed fight after weigh in failure because the event was already sold out….beware of how riches these days phrase things. Pay per view CANT sell out. Hes lying! It was a rigged match up switch to generate Pay Per View sales! DANA KING AT HIS BEST


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