BHL Wk.9 Bears vs. Dolphins miami dolphins tom brady

BHL Wk.9 Bears vs. Dolphins #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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  1. Can you imagine if DA BEARS can get fields an offensive line and 1 more receiver next year..nothing will stop them from having the #1 offense with kmet growing up and montgomerey already a monster..hope rodgers doesnt retire before we play his bitch ass again

  2. I had commented on the Bear’s website about not being able to hear the reporters’ questions during Chase’s into presser. Maybe someone listened? It seemed like the reporters were somewhat audible after Sunday’s game.

  3. DDP you KNOW i love your takes, but expecting Eberflus to call out the officials is like expecting Mustipher to be an elite center, or Velus an elite route runner… He is who he is and has always been the same in front of the media… Mr. rainbows and sunshine… On the flip side, Fields, Claypool, Jackson, and Kmet all said what could be said about the “officiating” 🤮of the game. There is much promise for Fields, and once we shore up the Oline he will become an even greater threat by perfecting his pocket passer aspect. And Shayne we got your back… so sorry that your trip will be postponed (but perhaps you can make it to a game next year when we go 17 and 0? LOL How cool would THAT be? As always, a prayer for those who need it #marsawstrong #loveandhealthoverhateanddespair 🐻🔽

  4. Wow Fields Fields, broke Vicks record ….The Bears are on their way……….Oh wait, how many Super Bowls did Vick win or for that matter Lamar………

  5. My browns got hosed by the refs a couple weeks ago against the ravens. This seems to happen alot in the nfl. Wish they would do something about it.

    Also why trade the best defensive players when the offense is starting to click? Are the bears trying to tank?

  6. This is the BEST I have EVER felt about a 3-6 team! Arrow is pointing way up Bears fans! #1 looks better with each snap of the ball! Exciting times ahead! Go Bears!

  7. Not only did they pick up the flag on the international grounding there was a blatant hold. The guy caused pressure while the guard was pulling his under shirt like a sleigh reign


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