Barbie Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Review 💙 dallas cowboy cheerleader costume

Barbie Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Review 💙 #dccmakingtheteam dallas cowboy cheerleader costume

#dccmakingtheteam #dallascowboys #cowboysnation

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Hi all,

This is Kelvin. Today, I gonna make my first doll review in 2022 and the doll I’m going to review is Barbie Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Based on the first look on the doll, I think the doll’s cheerleader outfits especially the colours used (dark blue & white) are exactly the same as the actual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader’s outfits. This sweet and sexy cheerleader outfits show off her super slim waist and her long legs. The silver blue stars details on her outfits enhance her whole cheerleader look. Also, the silver/blue pompoms that she’s holding drawing all attention from the audiences while she is performing her cheerleader moves. Her beautiful soft makeups silver with blue eyeshadows + nude pink lips, and she is wearing a pair of sparkling stud earrings that complete her whole sweet cheerleader look.

However, one difference that I discovered is the white leather boots. The actual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader’s white boots got silver stars details on it but the doll’s boots just plain white leather boots.

Overall, I score the doll 9.5/10. The 0.5 points that she lost because of the slightly different between the actual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader’s boots with her boots. Even with this small difference, I think she’s still a highly collectible and you should consider add her into your collection?

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❗️PS: This video is specially for adult collectors only. ❗️

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