Bad News For Miami Dolphins Hoping For Free Agent Splash! miami dolphins tom brady

Bad News For Miami Dolphins Hoping For Free Agent Splash! #tombradygoat miami dolphins tom brady

#tombradygoat #dolphins #tombrady

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Bad News For Miami Dolphins Hoping For Free Agent Splash!Hey what’s going on everybody, Rick here, coming at ya with another Miami Dolphins video and boy do we have some things to talk about.
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Now to the matter at hand, let’s talk about the free agent running back pool, which is drying up quickly.
The Dolphins will not be getting one of the big three running back free agents.
Tony Pollard was franchise tagged by the cowboys.
Josh Jacabs tagged by the Raiders and
Saquan Barkley tagged by the New York football Giants.
So what that means is…the Miami Dolphins are most likely to running it back next season just as last season ended with Jeff Wilson and Raheem Mostert as their running backs.
And of course, it becomes more likely that the miami dolphins will draft a running back in this year.
Names to keep in mind for that are Zach Carbonnet of UCLA and Devon Achane of Texas A&M.

There is, however, another scenario for running backs that we a least have to mention.
The word is that the Tennesse Titians are shopping around Derrick Henry.
So it is in the realm of possibility that the Miami Dolphins could trade for him.
He should have a couple more elite years left.
But please tell me what you think the Dolphins should do at running back now that the best free agent ones have been franchise tagged.
Personally, I think the Dolphins will just run it back with Wilson and Mostert while also drafting running back in April.
What about trading for Derrick Henry…yes, that would excite me.
More big Dolphins news.
The Miami Dolphins are set to release cornerback, Byron Jones, designate him as a Post-June 1 cut which will save the team $13.6 million in 2023.
This should not be a surprise, I mean the man can’t jump or run, at least that is what he says.
No big loss as far as I’m concerned, he did not play for the team or help the team all last season and I’m sure our new defensive coordinator, Vic Fagio, will be just fine without Byron Jones.
I also expect the Dolphins to go looking for cornerback in this year’s draft.
I guy I like a lot, Eli Ricks of Alabama, should be available in the 3rd round, if the dolphins draft a running back in the second round.
Let me know what you think about the whole cornerback situation in the comment box.
I can’t imagine any of you are sad to see Jones get cut but maybe you have a better cornerback draft selection in mind rather than my Eli Ricks suggestion.

Back to free agency. Some other franchise taggings or non taggings that are of interest to the miami dolphins.
TE Evan Engram of the Jacksonville Jaguars was tagged.
Not tagged was left tackle Orlando Brown. Dolphins don’t need a left tackle, they need a right tackle but Brown did start his career as a right tackle.
And if he enjoys protecting quarterbacks blind sides then he could do that the dolphins as Tua is left handed making the RT the blind side protecter.

Cornerback Jonathan Jones of the New England Patriots wasn’t tagged so he becomes a free agent.
He could, in theory, take Byron Jones’ spot for our defense.

Oh one more thing about the running back options, there are some rumblings that maybe the Browns are want to trade Nick Chubb.
I’m not putting too much stock into that just wanted to mention that to those of you wanting improvement from the Dolphins Wilson-Mostart duo.

Some more odds and ends…
Center Mike Pouncey to sign one-day contract, formally retire with Dolphins.
Pouncey played seven of his nine NFL seasons in Miami, earning consecutive Pro Bowl selections from 2013 to 2015.
He was one of the few good offensive linemen we’ve drafted in the past decade.

No word, at the time of this recording, on the Miami Dolphins picking up Tua’s 5th year option. When something happens on that I’ll let you know.
Jeff Darlington did tweet out that the Dolphins say they will NOT be pursuing Lamar Jackson or any other starting QBs this off season.
As one source said, “Mike fully believes Tua is the perfect fit for his system.”

We’ll see though, now this is just me talking here, we’ll if Tua gets hurt late next season, like he did late last season, if the Dolphins don’t go giving Tom Brady a call to finish up the playoff push.

Rich Eisen did say he heard from multiple people that maybe Tom Brady is as done as we think he his.
I could see that if the Dolphins are playing well, looking like a contender, but Tua goes down…I could see Tom saying, “I’ll take ya to the super bowl boys”.
Now you may not be able to see that…don’t get mad at me for being able to see that…I not getting mad at you for not seeing it.

Now, everyone head to the comment box and start getting things off your chest. I’m hear for ya, and as always, FINS UP and watch this next.

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  1. I’m good with those two , the line needs to block better and if draft a RB in the 2nd or 3rd round .

    Honestly I’d focus more on the line in free agency . Grier hasn’t been bad draft wise , he’s hit on the skill players but good lord he’s whiffed on so many OLine picks


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